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Like A Dream

Title: Like A Dream
Author: Kat Lee
Dedicated To: With all my love to my beloved, my cherished, my Captain, my Drew (Love you, darling! <3 <3 <3)
Fandom: Pirates of the Caribbean
Character/Pairing: Jack/Will
Rating: Soft R/M
Challenge/Prompt: beattheblackdog #51: Glow
Warning(s): AU
Word Count: 1,453
Date Written: 29 January 2017
Disclaimer: All characters within belong to Disney, not the author, and are used without permission.

The glow of the morning sun seeping pass his lover's curtains and underneath the closed cabin door is what lulls Will back to consciousness. The ship sways gently beneath him. He grew used to her movements long ago. He was so accustomed to living on the water, in fact, that when Jack left him with Elizabeth on dry land, he barely even knew how to walk, let alone feel. The Pearl's gentle sway is a comfortable companion, as is the man whose naked body is still arched around his.

Will turns slowly, careful not to wake his lover, and looks up at Jack through eyes still half closed. The man is so beautiful. Even now, in his sleep, he's positively breath taking, and -- Will grins -- he's all his. Last night seems almost a dream. If he'd ever thought Jack could possibly love him, he never would have stayed behind in Port Royal with Elizabeth. He loves her, but as a sister only; whatever he'd thought they'd shared before was only the imagination of the part of him that once wanted so badly to fit in and be accepted by society, a part that's long been hushed almost ever since he met Jack.

He doesn't fit in on land. He never will. What Jack tried to make him see, and what Will fought so long against, was right indeed: He is the son of a Pirate, and a Pirate himself. A man doesn't always have to be what his father would have made him, but Will most certainly is his father's son. He wonders what old Bootstrap would think if he could see him now, lazing in the after glow of love making with the incredible man who was his father's best friend. Bill would look away, aghast at their nakedness, Will's quite certain, but he's also certain that, in the end, he'd come to be happy for them both. After all, they are happy -- they make each other happy --, and that is what matters most of all in love.

A grin tugs at his deliciously sore mouth. If he'd known what was to come when Jack's old enemies captured him, he might well have went looking for them himself and handed himself over to them with a carefree song and dance. His heart thrums with joy; he feels more alive this morning than he's ever felt before! He leans down and kisses Jack, but Jack nestles deeper into his silk sheets, murmuring, "Li'l longer, Gibbs."

Will's grin widens. He kisses Jack's forehead, enjoying the way his beads jangle in the cabin's empty air as his head turns instinctively toward him, and slips from the bed. He dresses quietly, just pulling on his black trousers and the torn remains of his white blouse, and slips from the cabin. The scene awaiting him outside is something he would have once believed could only come from a horrific nightmare. There are dead Pirates everywhere: hanging from the ropes, pitched over the railing, slumped against the steering wheel.

But Will remembers how each of these men died. When he confessed his love for Jack yesterday when the Captain told him he was taking him home to Port Royal, he'd felt certain Jack would turn away from him, but he couldn't leave him again without telling him how he felt. Jack hadn't turned from him. He'd grinned and kissed him, and then all Hell had broken loose across the ship. Each of the men whose corpses now litter the Pearl had had something ugly to say about their love yesterday, and every person whose tongue had waged war against their sweet love had quickly met their end with a bullet blazing out of Jack's pistol.

Will lifts his head, hearing something scurrying far above him in the crow's nest. He catches a flash of a bald head and knows it's Marty. Even surrounded by death, his grin still widens. Not every one had turned against them last night. Jack's true friends, and even Elizabeth, had been happy for them, and they had lived to tell the tale, as it were, as Jack had continued dancing with Will all the way across the Pearl's deck and into his cabin. What had followed after had been the most blissful experience Will had ever enjoyed.

Hearing movement behind him, Will turns to see Gibbs unceremoniously dump the dead Pirate off of the steering wheel. He takes the Pearl's wheel in his own hands, a thick cigar clenched in his teeth, and gives her a spin. Nobody except Elizabeth had tried to stop Jack last night. He even recalls seeing Gibbs grin through the blasts of gunfire and call out to Jack, "Go get 'em, boyo!"

It seems almost too good to be true, Will thinks again. He turns his head once more as he hears a giggle. Ragetti grins up at him from where Pintel's thick and bare naked arms surround him. "Last night was a fine dream, wan't it?"

Will nods, almost beginning to believe himself still asleep in Jack's cabin -- if he's not having illusions while still being held captive. He dares peer no closer at the naked Pirates even as he answers wistfully, "Aye."

Ragetti flashes him a broad, tooth-filled grin. "Wan't no dream," he declares and leans down, kissing Pintel until the other Pirate's eyes open.

Feeling eyes upon himself, Will looks up to see Elizabeth watching him from across the ship. He lifts a hand to wave at her when arms suddenly surround him and pull him back against a strong, muscular chest. Lips whose touch is both familiar and still makes his body sing brush against his tanned neck. "Wouldn't be leavin' me side so soon now, would ye, luv?" Jack murmurs against Will's tender flesh.

Will's heart sings. It wasn't a dream after all. He sees Elizabeth's face lift in an approving smile just before he looks back at his beloved. The incredible man holding him is so much more than a dream made flesh, so much more than a mere Pirate Captain. He is, Will silently acknowledges and not for the first time either, the Captain of his heart. "I didn't want to wake you," he says. "You looked so beautiful sleeping, and you did ask Gibbs for more time."

"Gibbs didn't come in there wakin' me up, sweetheart."

"No, but -- "

"A man can't be responsible for what he mutters in his sleep. No man in his right mind'd want to sleep if he could be lovin' ye instead."

Will gazes into Jack's eyes. He knows his love has a sharp, silver tongue that possesses the words to woo just about anybody, but he's the one who he's chosen to woo. He sees the truth in the depths of his sweet, rich eyes, and his heart sings a song louder than any other that could be heard at sea or on land. "Love me always, Jack," he whispers softly.

Jack grins broadly and lifts Will's handsome face in his loving, gentle hands. "I already do, darling. I would have even if ye hadn't come back to me yesterday, but I actually had luck in that ye did come back. They say if ye love somethin', let it go an' it comes back t' ye. I guess that's true, but I'm never lettin' ye go again, Will Turner, and I will always love ye." He seals his words with a passionate kiss that sings the truth of them. He's loved this man since the first time he saw him, bravely dashing forward to save a woman he only thought he loved, and he knows he'll love Will, just as he told him, for as long as he lives and beyond.

He'll always love Will. He's known that for a long time now, but what he didn't expect was to learn, as he did yesterday in what still feels almost like a dream to him too, that Will loves him. He's never really considered settling down before. He's always believed the sea will be his home, but he knows now that he's got two homes: Will and the sea. His heart's settled even his feet never will. He belongs to him, and as the Captain of his own ship, before the day's out, Jack plans on making things official and tying the knot with the man he loves. But they've got all day and the rest of their lives to keep making their dreams come true. For now, he just kisses Will more deeply, and with ever more passion for he loves him more with every new second granted to them, and tugs him back to his cabin again.

The End
Tags: potc: wick
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