Kat Lee (katleept) wrote,
Kat Lee

Dear Human

Title: Dear Human
Author: Kat Lee
Fandom: Original
Character/Pairing: OFC
Rating: G/K
Challenge/Prompt: fan_flashworks #179: Dog and beattheblackdog #50: Message
Warning(s): None
Word Count: 1,132
Date Written: 17 January 2017
Disclaimer: This one, such as it is, is mine. :)

Dear Human,

I see you looking at me. I know you're wondering what I'm thinking. I know this moment won't last long. It never does. But I still wish I could tell you.

You're be up and running around soon. You always do. You're never still for long enough. Don't you know you're going to wear yourself out? And don't you know I want you to stay home? I need you to stay home. That's why I bark so much after you leave and when you come home too, but you don't understand me.

I wish you did, but you don't. If you did, there's so much I would tell you. Like you don't need to go out that door. I'm right here. I can play with you and keep you busy all day long. I can make you laugh and smile all day long, not cry like you do too often because whatever is going on outside that door.

But you don't understand that either, do you? Or maybe you think I want something in return? I don't, not really. I ask so little. You're already my Master, but if you give me your love, I will be your slave.

I'll fetch your shoes and fetch your paper. I'd fetch you drink and food, too, but I don't have hands like you do to open that cold box where you keep your goodies and I know you don't want mine. I've offered to share them with you plenty of times, but you always say "no" or, worse yet, "keep that away from me". I don't understand why you never want to play with the things I find. That bug the other day was fascinating!

But I'd give it all up. I'd stop playing with bugs and fetching balls if you'd just stay in one place and hold me. And I would give you everything. Just hold me. Love me. Don't hit me. Don't kick me. Don't hurt me. And I will be your slave.

I can't do like those dogs on that loud, color box you like to watch. I can't fly. I can't swim for hours to reach you or fight through bad guys to get to you. I don't want to help the police or the firemen or the guys in green; I just want to help you. I want to give everything I have, all that I am, to you.

Where are you going? Darn it! Yip! Yip! You're going out that door again, aren't you?! Don't go! Don't put that jacket on! Don't yell at me when I grab your sleeve. I'm just trying to get you to listen to me, but you never do. You never will, will you?

I'd write these words down if I could, but I don't know how and can't even hold one of those things you write with. I'd bark them at you, but you don't understand dog. There's so much you don't understand. Why can't you see it in my eyes? Why can't you see how much I adore you?

What do you have in your pocket? You're going for something. I hear it rattling. No! NO! Not the keys! Don't go to that noisy machine! Stay here with me! Play with me!

I bark and bark, but you never hear me. You reach into your pocket and throw something, and I -- fool that I am for you -- chase after it immediately, still barking. I'm asking you to stay. I'm asking you to wait. There's so much I can do for you if you let me. I can make you happier than anything outside that door.

But I hear the door shutting even as my mouth closes around my treat. I let the little bone drop out of my mouth. I don't want it. I don't want dog biscuits!! I want you!!! Come back here!

I start barking all over again as loud as I can. I race to the door and dig at its bottom with my paws, but it's closed tight. I race to the window as I hear you start that noisy machine. As much as I don't like it, I'd gladly go with you in that beast just so I could be with you. But you're not looking back. You're not giving me the chance to come with you. You never do unless we're going to the vet. That's another thing I wish I could tell you about one day, but you never listen.

I bark until my throat hurts. Then I collapse on the floor. I think I'll just stay here until you finally get back. I sniff, tears you never see welling in my eyes. I sniff again. This room smells like you, but I know you're not here. You won't be back with me again for hours, and then you'll be pushing me away again as you get ready for bed. At least, once you're in bed and you're asleep, I'll be able to curl beside you.

I'll be able to rub against you and be sure that thing outside the door didn't hurt you today. And I hope it doesn't. I hate to see you hurt, and I know it hurts you way too often. I'm the one who makes you laugh when it makes you cry, remember? I'm the one who never hurts you and who never will.

I'm the one waiting at home just waiting to get another chance to love you. Won't you hurry home? I whine, but you can't hear me, not that it would do any good if you could. You're never going to understand me, and you're always gone too long.

I'll just wait here until you get back. But suddenly, my tummy rumbles, and I remember that bone. I look longingly at the door, but you're not coming back any time soon. I walk over to the bone, pick it up, and sniff it. It smells like you! My tail wags.

I march back to the door and take my post back up. I'll be right here waiting to cover you with doggie kisses when you return. Rather you want them or not, I'm going to give them to you. I just wish you'd stay when you get home this time, but I know already you won't. Oh, well. I'll just have to wait and hope that one day you'll finally be able to understand me and stay at home with me here where you belong, here where I can cover you with kisses, where I can make you laugh and smile, here where that awful thing beyond the door can't hurt you. Until then, I'll be waiting for you every day until you get home.

I love you.

(The Dog)

Tags: original character, original fic
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