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Title: Kaboom
Author: Kat Lee
Dedicated To: My beloved Drew!!! Happy Birthday, my darling!!! I love you!!!!
Fandom: Penguins of Madagascar
Character/Pairing: Julien/Rico
Rating: G/K
Warning(s): None
Word Count: 500
Date Written: 6 January 2017
Disclaimer: All characters within belong to DreamWorks, not the author, and are used without permission.

He always thought he wanted some one who could woo him eloquently. He does love to have his handsome personage appraised, and even his most loyal subject, Maurice, falls short of giving him the amount of compliments he deserves. The little one delights in his feet, but he leaves the rest of his body not feeling the same amount of love his feet receive from him, which is another reason why Julien's always so quick to kick him away.

He wants to hear how beautiful he is every moment of every day and night -- he deserves no less, he's sure --, but yet the one with whom he's fallen in love has very little to say and even less that is spoken clearly. There's only one word the penguin seems to know really well, but Julien's found he doesn't really care. He enjoys being with Rico and loves him greater than he does any one but himself. He's holding him close tonight when the penguin starts to squirm.

"Are the coconuts disagreeing with you, love?" he asks. "I can have Maurice -- " But Rico isn't listening. He's shoving him away.

Julien watches as he mate's black and white body twists and churns. His stomach seems almost to have a life of its own. The lemur throws up his arms to defend himself as Rico falls back, his beak opening in a miserable squawk that echoes across not only their but the other nearby exhibits. Then the explosions begin.

King Julien peeks through his fingers when he isn't covered with slime. He watches apprehensively, the tip of his bushy tail twitching, as fireworks light up the night sky. They spell his name in glittering letters before explode. The next set sends the words "I" and "U" with a heart between them soaring through the sky. They, too, explode into a million, multi-colored sparkles before "Happy Birfday" finally appears. Rico looks at him with a sheepish grin and wipes his beak.

Julien watches the fireworks continue to explode long after his message is received. When at last they stop, and Rico doesn't seem to be vomiting up any more, he looks to his mate with his big eyes full of adoration. Rico grins back at him. "Kaboom."

Julien's answering smile is wide and fills his face. "You may not know much, my penguin lover," he exclaims joyously, "but you know just how to praise the coolest King ever which, of course, is me!" He springs into the air, performs a somersault, stretches out in mid-air with his royal head held high and proud to show off how handsome his body is, and finally comes down for a landing in Rico's wings.

Rico holds him close to the heart Julien's big ears hears pounding hard. "Kaboom," he says again, still grinning.

"Kaboom indeed," Julien acknowledges approvingly. Then he kisses him again and again. His boyfriend may not be the best with words, but he knows how to love him just right.

The End
Tags: birthday fics, penguins: julien/rico
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