Kat Lee (katleept) wrote,
Kat Lee

Yeah, I'm late again . . .

I seem to stay that way lately. I'm about ready to make my New Year's Resolution be that I will stay on top of things online. LOL Like that's ever gonna happen. ;)

First it was the moodiness of the season, then the business of the season, then the infected hand, and now I'm trying, and failing, to fight off some kind of virus or cold that's determined to kick my butt and is already doing a pretty good job of kicking my head.

But I am caught up on LJ. I saw all that craziness about LJ going Russian and several friends going to DW, so I may end up finally actually considering that. But when I went over there this morning, it looks like it's mostly full of dead comms too sadly. Regardless, I'm not making any decisions when I feel like this.

I've also been having E-mail frustrations. I seem to have kept most of the mail from December on to now, but if you've been waiting for a response from me on something pre-December, you might want to holler at me again. At least I think I finally found an E-mail client that's going to work better for me now.

And a belated very happy New Year's to you all!! May 2017 kick the shitt out of 2016!!

And remember, have your catnip and eggnog too! Love you guys!
Tags: holidays: new year's, real life, real life sucks
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