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Kat Lee

12 Days of Christmas #2: Christmas Ceremony

Title: Christmas Ceremony
Author: Kat Lee
Fandom: Frozen
Character/Pairing: Anna/Elsa, Kristoff, Ensemble
Rating: PG/K+
Warning(s): Incest
Word Count: 2,343
Disclaimer: All characters within belong to Disney, not the author, and are used without permission.

"I just don't know about this, Elsa," Anna says nervously, beginning to back away from the trail ahead of them.

Elsa reaches out, takes her sister's hand in hers, and tugs her back to her side. "You were the one who taught me to believe in them, Anna. You told me they would accept me and not just fear me if we were truthful with them. You were right."

"I know, but . . . But that's different," Anna protests, her voice growing smaller.

"How could we possibly be more truthful with them than entrusting them with our closest and dearest secret?"

"But this . . . " Anna shakes her head, still trying to back away. "This is too much truth." Her eyes cut daggers at her older sister when Elsa laughs.

"I'm sorry," the Queen of their kingdom apologizes, stilling her laughter. "It's just . . . This from the girl who pushes the truth on everybody?"

"I do not push the truth on everybody!"

"Yes, you do! Whose idea was it not to conceal my powers?"

"And the people accepted you!"

"And who believed Kristoff's family should come out of hiding?"

"They accepted them, too!"

"Precisely." Elsa grins. Interlacing her fingers with Anna's, she tugs at her sister's hand again until she finally meets her gaze. "So what makes you think this time will be any different?"

"Because I know it will be! They . . . They . . . People are inherently good -- "

"So you say." There's a twinkle in Elsa's blue eyes today that just won't go away.

"But there are some things they just don't understand!"

"Now why does that sound familiar?"

"They understand what they can see. They see your powers! They see what you can do, and they see that you use your gifts to help others!"

"And they see that you love me."

"Love isn't something you can see -- "

"Yes, it is. You taught me that. You wouldn't leave me alone even when I tried to chase you away with a monster!"

"Monsters," Anna intones. "What can I say?" She forces a short laugh whose sound reveals more of her nervousness than she wants. "They're not too scary."

"But facing the world without you at my side is."

"I'll always be at your side, Elsa. Marriage isn't going to stop or guarantee that, but marriage to Kristoff would have kept our secret safe."

"And would have kept you both without real love in your lives."

The sisters turn to watch a blue ball of flesh, hair, and clothes come to a stop. "We would have had love regardless, Bulda," Anna tells the adoptive mother of her former fiance once the little Troll stops moving and reveals herself.

"Ah, but not love like this! Love is burdened when it is forced to hide, but by trusting others to see your love you will be free and your love unconditional."

"My love for Elsa is already unconditional -- "

"That's why you're refusing to walk down the aisle with me."

"I am your sister," Anna reminds her. "They won't understand two sisters being in love! They don't even understand two women being in love -- or two men!"

"Then we'll make them understand! Didn't I hear that somewhere once?"

"Yes," Anna admits, "but with your powers, we could make them understand! We have shown them that never once have you used your gifts intentionally to hurt others! You have always used them to help those for whom you care!"

"And if it wasn't for your love and your refusal to leave me alone I would never have dared to reveal my powers to them!"

"But your powers are a gift!"

"And our love isn't?"

"Yes . . . Yes, it is," Anna relents, "but they won't understand!"

"Then we'll make them understand!"

Anna sighs, casts a glance at the maternal Troll, and asks, "Was I ever this stubborn?"

"Worse," the Troll and her sister say together.

"But what happens when they don't understand?" Anna demands, turning back to her beloved sister. "What happens when they fear you not because of your powers but because of how different our love is?"

"We will show them they do not have to be afraid, Anna! They deserve the chance at least to show us that they do understand! You taught me that!"

"But it was different with your powers! Elsa, this could destroy everything we've worked so hard to build together!"

"No," her sister argues. "No, it can't."

"What makes you so sure of that?"

"Because," Elsa answers confidently, "love doesn't destroy! Love builds. Love helps. It saves even! But it does not destroy."

"Elsa," Anna laments, "if we take this walk, it's going to destroy everything!"

"Anna," Elsa releases a breath that leaves tiny snowflakes swirling in the air between them, "you told me you would. You gave me your word. You love me." Her last statement is neither an accusation or a question. It is simply that: a statement that she knows to be true just as much as she knows her love for her sister is true and that it isn't merely formed from their bond as sisters.

"But . . . But . . . But I didn't think it through." Yes, she had, a part of her mind tells her even now. She had thought about this day many times over. It's why she didn't act on her true love for her sister for so long and why she readily agreed when Kristoff asked her to marry him. It's why, as much as she believes in being open and free, she still knows this is one secret better left concealed.

"I have," Elsa returns. "I've thought about it enough for both of us. I thought about it when you came after me and you kept coming after me no matter what I threw at you. I thought about it when you taught me to believe and trust in our citizens and our friends. I thought about it when you helped my dreams come true. I thought about it when I was able to save you because of our love, and I thought about it most of all when you almost walked down that aisle with Kristoff instead of this trail with me."

"I know you love me," Elsa continues, gazing into her sister's wide and fearful eyes. "I know you want this as badly as I do, so come with me." Her voice softens. "Please come with me? Make our dream come true?"

Anna stares into her sister's blue eyes for a long time. When she finally blinks, it isn't because she's made up her mind or is trying to break their stare. It's because she's just noticed the way the snow is falling today. She holds up her open hand and carefully examines the flake that falls onto her palm. I's different from any other she's ever seen.

"Every one of them," Elsa acknowledges quietly, "is a heart today. That's how much I love you."

Anna spins around slowly, releasing her sister's hand and watching the snow fall. True to Elsa's word, every flake she sees is in the form of a heart. There are big and small hearts and hearts whose halves aren't exactly matched, but every piece of snow is in the shape of a heart. They're all slightly different -- just as no two humans are alike, neither are any two snowflakes --, but they are all hearts. "Elsa," she breathes and then stops turning when she sees Kristoff.

Slowly, he approaches the sisters, his hat in his hands. "They're waiting for you," he speaks quietly.

Elsa nods. "Anna has changed her mind."

"What?" Kristoff looks in surprise at his former fiancee who remains his dearest friend outside of his reindeer.

"I didn't say I changed my mind!"

"You said you didn't think it was a good idea."

"Yes! But . . . But the way you say it makes it sound like I changed my mind about the way I feel about you, the way I love you!"

"If you don't' show up, Anna," Elsa explains calmly, "that's what everybody is going to think."

"They don't want us to love each other as we do!"

"When did you ever care what somebody else wanted if it hurt us?"

"They don't believe we -- "

"If they don't believe you love each other," Kristoff cuts in, "why is the meadow packed?"

"What?" Anna looks at him in surprise. Elsa mirrors her sister's surprise but does not speak.

"The meadow's packed," Kristoff repeats patiently. "Everybody's waiting for you."

"No way," Anna breathes shakily.

Kristoff grins. "Yes way," he retorts. "They're all waiting for you. There are more people in this audience than were in the church for our wedding day. You've already stood one fiance up."

"Kristoff, I said -- "

"You're not standing up another one."

"I'm sorry. I never meant to hurt you."

"You disappointed me, Anna. You didn't hurt me. I should have known better than to think you would go through with a wedding to a guy you didn't really love as anything more than a friend. Your heart belongs to your sister. I get that. I really do, and I want you to be happy just as everybody else does."

"They're really all waiting for us?"

"Yes! Olaf's already thrown out the flowers. You should have seen the way he danced down that trail! Everybody's so happy for you!"

"Really?" Anna whispers doubtfully.

"Yes," Kristoff insists, "we all are! Now will you go marry the woman you love already?"

"She's my sister," Anna continues to whisper, glancing at Elsa. Elsa's beauty has always made something deep within Anna ache, but today, dressed in her long, flowing, and white wedding gown and standing in the snow, her sister is the most beautiful she's ever seen her.

"We all know that," Kristoff says from behind her, "and we all support you and believe in you just as you are. You've already made us believe in a lot of things we thought were impossible. What's one more thing added to that long list?"

It's one more thing, she'd thought, that could really make their people run from them. It's one more thing that could have filled them with fear and left Elsa and herself as outcasts for the rest of their lives. But Kristoff says everybody's there, and she knows he wouldn't lie to them. He doesn't want them hurt any more than she wants to allow them to be hurt. "Everybody, huh?"

He nods again. "Everybody."

Anna turns one last time and finally faces her beloved sister with a wide smile, her own eyes now twinkling. "What are we waiting for?" she asks, and in that moment, she swears she can hear her sister's cry of triumph in the frosty air. She offers her arm to her sister who grabs it with delight.

"You're forgetting something," Kristoff says, and both women look at him in surprise. "Some one to give you two away," he explains, stepping closer. He smiles at both of these brave women who he's come to love as the sisters he never had. "I'd be honored," he says, "to be that person."

They let him step between them, and each of the sisters takes one of his offered hands. Together, the trio walk down the snowy trail leading to the ceremony that awaits them. When they arrive, they find that the meadow is indeed overflowing with not just Trolls but humans as well. Trolls perch in trees far above their heads for better views of the ceremony while townsfolk stand out and around the meadow itself, all eager to get a look at the two women marrying today.

Grand Pabbie stands in the very middle of the meadow, looking their way as Olaf bounces around him in dizzying circles. The Troll children have filled the snowman's basket with so many flowers that he's still throwing them apart. Every time his basket empties, one of the children dashes forward to fill it again. Grand Pabbie holds a firm hand up at the snowman when he sees the sisters. Olaf finally stops spinning and jumping through the air and looks sheepish. He runs a stick hand down the carrot he uses for a nose as he does as everybody else already is and looks at the approaching sisters.

Kristoff releases Anna and Elsa and watches as they begin to approach Grand Pabbie. Olaf squeals as they near, "You're both so pretty!" He grins wide and seems almost to blush. A general murmur of agreement passes through the crowd.

Grand Pabbie holds up his hands, and everybody hushes as the two sisters step together directly before him. The ancient High Priest begins the ceremony, pausing only for the rings to come. Sven, with his great head bowed low, approaches, and Elsa gently lifts their rings from the blue, silk pillow nestled between his antlers. "Thank you," she whispers and pats his furry cheek. The reindeer makes a sound as if to acknowledge her gratitude, or perhaps he's just saying how happy he is to be included, before stepping back into place between Kristoff and Olaf, who's waiting for him with a carrot that's not his nose.

Elsa turns to her sister, and they gaze into each other's eyes and hold hands as Grand Pabbie continues the ceremony. At the right times, they slip their rings onto each other's fingers, and then with just a few more seconds spent holding each other, it's time to finalize their dreams. They kiss, and the audience goes wild.

When Elsa finally, gently lifts her lips from Anna's, Anna breathes, her eyes full of stars, "I guess love really does conquer all."

Elsa grins wide. "You're the one who taught me that first, remember?" she reminds her gently and with love.

They hear bells ringing and know they're not just for their wedding. "Merry Christmas, Anna," Elsa whispers.

Anna nods, her forehead still touching Elsa's. "Merry Christmas, dearest sister! I love you!" she breathes against her lips, and then she kisses her again and again and again in the start of their new life together.

The End
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