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Angels on High

Title: Angels on High
Author: Kat Lee
Fandom: Smallville
Character/Pairing: CLex (Clark/Lex), Jonathan/Martha, hints of Lionel/Lillian
Rating: PG-13/T
Challenge/Prompt: 12_stories: Snow
Warning(s): Future Fic
Word Count: 1,667
Date Written: 29 November 2016
Disclaimer: All characters within belong to DC Comics, not the author, and are used without permission.

Lex thinks nothing of it when Clark lets go of his hand, but when his boyfriend suddenly drops down onto his back in the bank of snow behind them, Lex turns to him with his open, blue eyes widening in shock. "What," he asks carefully, "are you doing?"

Clark grins up at him with that bright, innocent grin that's made Lex's heart flutter since the younger man first saved him. "What does it look?" he asks in return. "I'm making snow Angels!"

"Snow what?" Lex asks, still staring in disbelief.

Clark frowns. "You've never heard of snow Angels?"

"Every one has heard of Angels, Clark," Lex responds, barely stopping himself from telling him that he considers him his own personal guardian Angel, "but what does snow have to do with them?" He studies the way Clark sweeps his arms through the snow, leaving marks behind him, but he still doesn't understand. Clearly whatever a snow Angel is, it's nothing like a snowman because Clark's still waving his arms while laying on his back as opposed to gathering any actual snow.

Clark's grin grows. Laughter dances in his blue eyes, but he doesn't let it escape his rosy lips for he knows laughing at Lex, for any reason, will hurt him, which is the last thing he ever wants to do. "I'm making snow Angels," he repeats. He stands after a few more swipes of his strong arms. "See?" he asks, stepping to the side so Lex can examine the impact he's leaving behind himself on the snow.

"I . . . " Lex frowns as he closely scrutinizes the marks left behind by Clark's sweeping arms. "I suppose one could almost gather the impression of an Angel's wings, if one was to look hard enough -- "

Clark can't help it. He does laugh this time, but he stops the deep, hearty sound quickly. Lex frowns as he looks up at him. "It's innocent fun," Clark tries again to explain but then stops himself, sorrow casting his own jovial face down. Of course Lex doesn't understand, he remembers with sudden guilt. He never had any one to show him how to make snow Angels. His mother died when he was far too young to remember much about her, and his father never loved him.

Clark holds a hand out to Lex. His love missed a lot of things growing up that the rest of the world, Clark himself included, takes too easily for granted, but one of many beliefs his mother instilled in him is that making something right is better done later than not at all.

Lex examines Clark's hand doubtfully. "This suit -- " he starts.

"Don't worry about the suit," Clark tells him, grinning again. "You've got at least a dozen more just like it back home, and the money to buy thousands more if you didn't." They both know Lex can't argue that fact. "Just join me," Clark pleas softly. "Let me show you."

His eyes, as Lex looks up into his beseeching gaze, say so much more. Let me show you what it's like to have innocent fun, they plead silently. Let me show you what it's like to pretend to be a kid, to be a kid at all since you never got to be one before. Share this with me.

Lex sighs and closes his eyes for a moment. Every instinct tells him that he's going to regret getting down on the dirty ground with Clark, but when he opens his eyes again and Clark's still gazing pleadingly at him, Lex finds himself saying with a puff of frustrated air, "All right." Clark's grin boasts across his face that Lex is mildly surprised his boyfriend doesn't whoop aloud. "But just one," he adds quickly.

Clark nods. "Just one," he agrees. Taking Lex's hand in his, he threads their fingers together before pulling him down beside him on the snow-covered ground. "Some people do their legs too," he tells him, "but we always did our arms -- "

"We?" Lex asks before he can stop himself.

"Mom and me and sometimes Dad."

"Jonathan Kent made snow Angels?" Lex can't seem to stop himself from asking or the chuckle that slips out following his surprised query.

"Yeah. Mom got him to join us sometimes."

Lex can hear Clark's warm grin in his voice and finds himself beginning to smile as well. He envied Clark's childhood once, but now, he's just happy and thankful one of them got to have a loving family growing up. The Luthors have never been known for their love, or for their indulgence in childlike things, but Lex does as Clark instructs, laying still on the ground except for his arms that he sweeps back and forth, back and forth until he feels his very deepest recesses seeming to calm. His eyes drift shut as he continues with the motion, feeling Clark's left arm sweeping through the snow beside him.

Lex's blue eyes pop back open as he feels himself being watched. He lifts his head, expecting to hear the frenzied snapping of cameras, but the park is still quiet and calm. They seem to be the only two here today, and it is early and cold enough on a Saturday morning, after Clark's saved the world again and before Lex's weekend meetings start, that they may just be the case. Regardless, though he peers closely around them, Lex sees no sign of intrusion on their privacy.

"Relax, Lex," Clark tells him gently, reaching up with a hand to pull him back down. "No one's there. We're alone." He almost adds, You're safe, but he doesn't for he knows it's yet another thing that will set Lex off. His boyfriend is a confident and strong man, but there are certain insecurities that Clark knows he possesses and which he also knows can rip apart a tender moment between them, if exposed, in a second.

"We're alone," he repeats when Lex still doesn't relax. "I promise."

Those two words seem to have the magical effect he's been trying for on Lex as Lex finally relaxes back into the carpet of snow. His arms begin to sweep through the snow again. When their fingers meet this time, Clark can't resist grasping Lex's hand and holding it still for a moment. He squeezes him gently, trying to send him all his love without saying a word. He feels Lex's reaction as he releases his remaining tension and finally gives in to the moment.

"Well, will you look at that?" a voice neither young man can hear remarks with a chuckle. "Who would have thought Lex Luthor would be making snow Angels?"

"Your son does have a remarkable impression on my boy," another voice, still unheard by the two mortals, returns. Lillian Luthor beams down at her favorite child.

"Clark has that way with a lot of people," Jonathan admits. "It's something he inherited from his mom."

"You miss her."

"Every moment of every day. And you? Do you miss Lionel?"

Lillian shakes her head. "I miss what could have been," she answers truthfully, "but he would never have allowed it. He never succumbed to love. I was afraid my Lex would be like that, but I don't believe he will now as long as he has your son."

"I never thought he'd be worthy of him -- "

Lillian's mouth flies open to protest. He holds up a hand to stop her with a humble grin. "Clark's always been a stubborn one. He wouldn't listen to me about Lex, but these last few days, watching them together . . . I'm glad he didn't. They make each other happy." Unshed tears moisten the Angel's eyes. "I haven't seen the kind of love they share in very many people."

"But you and your wife had it."

"We did." He wipes away a tear. "But they'll see us again one day."

"Yes, I know. At least they have each other to keep them happy in the mean time." The Angels look up as the Son calls them. As they fly together toward their new home, they hear laughter echoing in the park behind them.

"I must thank your son one day," Lillian comments.

Jonathan's grin widens. He wasn't man enough when he was bound to Earth to admit when he was wrong, but these days, he is. "Remind me to thank yours too," he says and flies on home.

Back on Earth and standing once again, Lex looks up and around himself and Clark. "I could have sworn -- " he starts to say.

Clark looks into his eyes again. "I swear to you," he whispers, "there's no one here but us and the Angels." He nods toward the impressions they made in the snow.

Lex laughs, his arms opening. Beaming happily, Clark steps into Lex's embrace. "Thank you," he says.

Lex pauses as he looks back into his beloved's eyes. "For what?" he puzzles aloud.

"For sharing that with me. For letting me share it with you." Clark's grin grows until it dazzles Lex. "For sharing everything with me."

"Always," Lex breathes and kisses him sweetly, deeply, ravenously -- until he thinks he might just cancel today's meetings after all. Clark hugs him close, and when he slips his tongue into Lex's hot and eager mouth, Lex knows those meetings are as good as canceled. He's home today, after all. Smallville, which came to be both their homes as when they were younger, may still be several hours away, but he's already home. He's home, because he's got Clark. He's in his arms, and there's nowhere else he'd rather be today or any day. He could tell him again how much he loves him, but he decides to show him instead, leading him back down into the snow, and this time, he doesn't care if the whole world sees him as he proclaims his love again and again to the man who saved him so long ago, heart, soul, and flesh.

The End
Tags: smallville: clex, smallville: jonathan/martha, smallville: lillian
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