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Kat Lee

Birthday Circus

Title: Birthday Circus
Author: Kat Lee
Dedicated To: Happy Birthday, killing_kurare!
Fandom: Batman
Character/Pairing: Harley/Poison Ivy
Rating: G/K
Warning(s): None
Word Count: 1,093
Date Written: 18 October 2016
Disclaimer: All characters within belong to DC Comics, not the author, and are used without permission.

"Ivy's going to love this!" Harley squeals in delight, giggling and swinging her legs from a high branch over looking the activities taking place all the way across her girlfriend's most special garden. Ivy's got plant paradises in every city they frequent, but Harley knows this one is her favorite. It was her first, and where they first kissed, and the one to which, time and again, they keep coming back.

A serious thought passes through the blonde's mind for just a moment. She cocks her smiling head to the side as she listens to it. There's something about Gotham that keeps bringing people back. The citizens run screaming away when a villain attacks, but they always end up coming back. The heroes refuse to give up on saving "their" city, but those branded villains, like Ivy and herself, are just as determined to keep working on their big schemes right here in this grandiose city of smog, metal, and other nasty things she knows her Ivy doesn't like. She wonders what it is about this city that keeps them all coming back to it, but as soon as the thought's entered into her mind, it vanishes again.

Harley giggles but then hushes as she hears Ivy approaching outside. "I certainly hope there are no surprise parties planned this year, little one. A girl would think Harley's learned her lesson about trying to surprise me after last year's fiasco with her ex showing up to ruin everything. I give the poor dear kudos for trying, but really, enough is enough. Besides, all I want to do is settle you into some nice, new soil and soak my own body in the hot springs."

Harley's blue eyes twinkle. "Won't she be surprised!" Several of the plants nearest to the blonde seem to bob in agreement. "Places, every one!"

A vine opens the door just before Ivy's key can unlock it. She pulls back a little in surprise. The same plant who opened the door wraps more vines securely around its mistress and her latest addition to their little family and snatches them inside the garden. The door slams shut behind them.

"Harley, what's -- " Ivy starts to ask, but her question is drowned out by her girlfriend's bellow.


"Harley, what -- " Ivy tries again but is drowned out a second time by Harley and a few of the plants beating on drums and blowing on trumpets. She feels her feet pushed gently out from underneath her and falls into waiting vines. They swing her in comfort, and with a sigh, Ivy relents and waves a gloved hand as if to say, On with the show.

Not that Harley's noticed any of her reluctance. Oh, no, she's been much too busy making certain that every plant is in its place. Two giant mushrooms scurry up to their mistress one with a nice, refreshing chlorophyll drink and the other fresh, and all natural, chips for her to munch. Ivy takes it all in stride as the vines begin a strange sort of acrobatic act. They spiral through the air, leaping as high as they can and catching each other.

Ivy claps as any devoted mother would at her children's pretend performance. Her hands are still together when the vines sweep out of her sight replaced by a row of bushes juggling small and colorful balls. The smallest bush in the end drops a ball. Harley runs over and quickly tosses it back to the bush. Ivy laughs and shakes her head, the events of her day finally beginning to drain away. Who cares if the Batman's on to her newest plan yet again, if this is what she's got waiting at home for her? It's almost enough to make a girl not care about taking over the world, if humans weren't destroying her beloved plans and constantly bulldozing their own mother . . .

The ground beneath them begins to quake. Ivy snaps out of her reverie and looks back to the bushes, who seem to be screaming. She's looking for any sign of the Bat and his latest attack when she sees two towering trees coming forward. Their roars blow her red hair away from her face but don't frighten her. Ivy's just about to scold them when she notices a much smaller tree cracking a vine like its a whip. Her green eyes widen as the trees begin to jump.

Ivy leaps from her makeshift hammock and races to the trees, waving at them to stop. "But, Red, this is the best part of the show!" Harley complains behind her.

"Harley, sweetheart," Ivy tries to reason, spinning to face her creative girlfriend, "what do you think is going to happen if these trees don't stop jumping like that?" The one on her left is just about to leap into the air again when Ivy waves a hand at him. "Don't you dare!"

He stops, and the tops of both gigantic trees and the little sapling directing them like a lion tamer all droop. "It's okay really. I appreciate. It's a grand show." She looks back to Harley with love in her eyes. "One only your wild imagination could create, dearest, but we don't want to signal the Bat we're here, do we?"

"Drat that Bat!" Ivy sticks out her tongue before pouting. "He ruins all our fun!"

Ivy takes her hand in hers and rubs her gloved thumb gently across Harley's bare palm. "Precisely why I don't want him to ruin today, Harls," she croons.

"But you did like it?" Harley asks.

"I loved it!" Ivy's eyes shine with delight.

"Good." Harley breaks into a wide grin. "Come on, boys!" She breaks out singing at the very top of her lungs, "For she's a jolly good plant! For she's a jolly good plant!"

Ivy laughs and shakes her head. Indeed, only her Harley could have created a circus out of her plants and continue to be so endearingly silly and childlike and, she thinks, gazing directly into her beaming face, so beautiful. Harley finishes the first song and switches to the traditional Happy Birthday song, but before she can finish Ivy pulls her close, wraps her own arms around her, and begins kissing her deeply. Any birthday spent with her Harls is a happy one, and there's nothing the Bat or Joker can do about that!

The End
Tags: batman: ivy/harley, birthday fics
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