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13 Days of Halloween 2016 #9: Halloween Dreams Come True

Title: Halloween Dreams Come True
Dedicated To: My beloved Drew and our very own, sorryfully late Salem Saberhagen, Sammo Witch <3
Author: Kat Lee
Fandom: Sabrina the Teenage Witch
Character/Pairing: Harvey/Sabrina, Salem, OCs
Rating: G/K
Warning(s): Future Fic
Word Count: 2,443
Disclaimer: All recognizable characters within belong to Archie Comics, not the author, and are used without permission.

She sits alone in her kitchen, a grown woman nursing a cup of milk. It's times like these that she misses the grandfather clock her aunts used to have. It caused a lot of trouble, especially with people who didn't belong in their world coming and going through its magical doorway, but its chimes always plainly denoted what time of day it was. The evening is pulling to a close. She's long since tucked her kids away, and her husband is snoring away in their bed. Still, Sabrina's very skin seems to crawl with the coming hour. She doesn't have to look at the clock to know there's only a few minutes left until midnight.

A black cat jumps gracefully onto the table beside her. "You know," Salem says, turning to face her with a swish of his long, ebony tail, "it used to be tradition for a Witch to bring in Halloween."

"A lot of things used to be tradition," Sabrina mutters in response, turning her cup in her hands and looking down at the plain, white milk. There was a time when she wouldn't have drank this for anything, and a mere point of her finger could have chocolate in her cup instead. Or wine. The thought is tempting, and she curls her fingers more tightly around her cup. "Like for instance, they used to burn Witches at the stake, and their familiars too."

Salem pauses in licking a paw to gawk up at her. "What's wrong, 'brina?" he finally asks. "You never used to worry about your magic until these kids came along."

"Yeah," she admits with a nod, "I know, but as much as it pains me to say it, my aunts were right about some things. Being a Witch didn't exactly make high school easier for me, and it almost cost me Harvey."

"But it didn't cost you me," a gentle voice says as the man of her dreams, the man whose ring she's still proud to wear on her wedding finger, emerges from the shadows. He makes a face as the sound of his own words rings in his ears. "You know what I mean."

She nods as he comes over and wraps his arms around her from behind. She lets go of her cup of milk, leans into his touch, reaches up, and takes one of his hands in hers. "But it could have," she says softly, not wanting to wake their children or ever have their kids realize how dangerous magic can be, "if you didn't love me so much." She turns her head and kisses his hand. "Which I'm glad you do, but -- "

"Sabrina," Harvey says, hooking a chair with his foot and bringing it closer so he can sit down before her and meet her troubled gaze, "your magic is a part of you. I never wanted you to give that up for me or for anything. And it's hardly the only problem we had staying together."

"No." Sabrina nods. "I know that. It's just . . . " She chews at her bottom lip as she tries to find the words to voice how worried magic has made her as an adult. "Look at what it did do to our lives, Harvey," she finally speaks again. "It almost took you from me. It trapped Salem as a cat -- "

"That wasn't magic," Salem speaks up from chewing an itch. "It was done by magic, but it wasn't because of magic." His tiny, black nose crinkles. "Or not just by magic any way."

"Defend it all you want," Sabrina tosses back at him, "but the fact is if you hadn't had magical powers, you wouldn't have had the means to try to take over the world, even if your intentions were good at first, and the Council wouldn't have trapped you as a cat. Or made Aunt Zelda kid again."

"I thought you were happy she's getting to relive her childhood?" Harvey asks softly.

"I miss my aunts, okay?" Sabrina snaps before she realizes her tone. She looks quickly back at him. "I'm sorry. It's just . . . They pretty much raised me through my teen years. I didn't have my parents, but I had them. And I miss them. Zelda's not herself, and Aunt Hilda . . . She's so busy with that new husband of hers that I don't even remember when we last saw them."

"At our anniversary party last year," Harvey murmurs, remembering the time he had contacting her aunt and convincing her to come to their celebration of ten joyful years together.

"She's not the same." Sabrina pouts. "Nothing's the same. Don't get me wrong. I love our kids. I love you But nothing about our lives is the same."

"No, kiddo, it's not," Salem agrees, padding over and rubbing his furry body against her arm. "Nothing's the same. It's called growing up."

"I didn't want to grow up," Sabrina whispers at which Harvey smiles.

He reaches over, tucks a finger around a lock of loose blonde hair hanging against his wife's forehead, and smoothes it back behind her ear. "I didn't exactly want to grow up either, sweetheart, but we did it together and I don't regret a moment of our journey together."

"None of it?" Sabrina asks in surprise.

He shakes his head. "None of it."

"Not even Roland?"

He grins at the memory. "Not even that crazy cousin of yours."

"He wasn't really my cousin, you know."

"I know. I remember. I remember it all, and I don't regret it. Your magic caused us trouble -- I'll agree to that, Sabrina --, but it also made some really great memories for us. Remember the band? Remember the flight we took together? Remember when I saved you?"

Gazing into her love's eyes, Sabrina begins to melt. "Which time?" she whispers.

Harvey beams. "Every time," he answers with a crinkle of his nose, a small habit he's picked up from her.

She nods. "You always came through."

"Of course I did," he agrees, cupping her cheek. His fingers lightly caress her flesh. "I love you. And that's exactly why I don't want you giving up your magic. Not now, not then, not ever."

"But what about the time you asked me if I could stop being a Witch?"

"I was scared."

"Mortals do fear what they don't understand," Salem interjects and then ducks his head at the way they both glower at him. "Sheesh. All I was trying to do was give you the advice you asked me for -- "

"I don't remember asking you for any advice," Sabrina reminds him but reaches over and strokes his furry head nonetheless. "But that's okay."

"What I did then wasn't, though," Harvey adds, taking them back to the subject at hand. He holds Sabrina's other hand in his and tugs on it lightly. Salem misses his girl's petting but lets her go to the husband with whom she belongs. He remembers, with a fond tear in his eye, being the best man at their wedding.

"I should have never asked you," Harvey continues, "to give up something that's as much a part of you as your hair -- " He smoothes a hand lovingly over the length of her blonde hair. " -- or your laugh that I love so much. Salem's right. I was scared, but I never should have asked you to do something like that. And I haven't asked you again since then."

Sabrina nods lightly. "You're right. You haven't. But what about our children?"

"What about the teenage Witch who fought so hard to keep her magic?"

Sabrina tucks her head a little, heat crawling into her cheeks. Harvey cups her chin and lifts her head back up until her eyes lock once more with his. "Their magic is a part of them too, Sabrina, just like yours is a part of you. We shouldn't be trying to get them not to use it unless they're in school. We should be nurturing that part of them, too, just like we encourage Zeze with the violin and Sammy's interest in science."

"Aren't you the same man who said they don't need to see me using magic?"

He stops but only pauses for a moment. He nods. "I was," he admits, still gazing into her eyes, "but I was wrong. They're going to use magic rather we know it or not, rather we're with them to guide them or not. You, of all Witches, should know that. The more your aunts tried to tell you not to use it -- "

" -- the more I used it," Sabrina finishes for him. "But what if somebody sees them?"

"We'll cross that bridge when we have to."

"And if they tell somebody like they told their teacher that time about Salem?"

"She won't believe them, and eventually they'll learn not to say what the other kids won't believe."

"I don't want them being made fun of. I still think about Libby sometimes after all this time."

Harvey again makes a face. "I do, too," he agrees. "You know, I actually ran into her not too long ago. She married Gordo -- "

"You're kidding!" Sabrina gasps and then giggles.

Harvey grins while shaking his head. "No, I'm not. She married Gordo, and they have three children, all girls, who are every bit as bratty as she was." He actually feels sorry for his old friend. Gordon doesn't stand a chance in his own home with all that female power. "And I told her how we've been happily married for ten years."

Sabrina lifts her head with a prideful smile. "What did she have to say about that?"

He takes both her hands in his now and gives them a gentle squeeze. "She was jealous of you," he tells her truthfully.

Sabrina cackles with glee. Salem's tail strikes the table. He and Harvey look at each other. Harvey looks at the clock on the stove, notes its glowing numbers, and looks back at his wife. Before he can speak, however, Sabrina asks, "Wait a minute." Her eyes are filled with surprise. "Did I just cackle?" she asks them to which Harvey and Salem both nod.

"Yes," her husband says.

"It's a sign that you're getting older," Salem advises, his tail swishing again, "but you're still a Witch."

"You're still the same beautiful and loving Witch who I fell in love with back in junior high," Harvey adds, "and who I will always love." Harvey leans up and kisses her forehead. "You'll always be that Witch, and that woman. And I think it's time," he concludes, gazing back into her eyes, "for you to take that ride."

Sabrina glances at the clock. "It's a little after midnight," she points out.

Neither Harvey or Salem point out to her that she was cackling at the stroke of midnight. Instead, Harvey shrugs. "I learned a long time ago," he tells her, "that it's better to do what you should do later than never." His fingers entwine with hers. "I let go of the love of my life, because I was scared. It almost took me too long to realize that I still loved her and that I always would, but I showed up just in the nick of time to get her away from marrying a man who she had realized on their wedding day she didn't want to marry. I was still in time to love you, sweetheart . . . " He leans forward again and kisses her sweetly, pledging his undying love with a kiss as gentle and sweet as any they shared as teenagers. " . . . and you're still in time to be the Witch you are."

"Are you sure?" Sabrina asks breathlessly, watching his eyes.

"I'm sure," he vows.

"What about the kids?"

He shrugs. "We'll just have to guide them as best we can and hope they listen to us like your aunts did for you."

"They're in for a world of trouble."

"Maybe," Harvey agrees, "but if they go through it all and turn out half as wonderful as you, we'll be lucky parents."

She grins. "If they get the love of their lives, too, like I did mine, they'll be the lucky ones." She kisses him again.

He can still so easily lose himself in the wonderful, heady taste of her kiss, but he can practically hear her aunts' old grandfather clock chiming in his mind -- and that, he realizes, is exactly what he should get Sabrina for Christmas, but that's two more holidays away. He forces himself to break off their kiss and shove her gently away. "Go," he urges.

She nods and stands. She's beaming again, positively glowing with joy, as she points at herself and changes her nightgown into the traditional Witch's black dress and pointy hat. Another zap of her finger readies a large broom in her hand. She sits on it, then looks at the most important men in her life. "Are you coming?"

"Are you kidding? It's about time!" Salem exclaims and pounces onto the handle of the broom.

"Harvey?" Sabrina asks, looking at her husband.

"I can . . . " He hesitates, but not out of fear. This is Sabrina's moment, and he doesn't want to contaminate the magic of her ride with being his mortal self. "I can come?" he asks finally to which she nods. "Are you sure?"

"You're my husband! Of course I'm sure!"

He needs no further encouragement to hop onto the broom's wide bristles beside her. He wraps his arms around her and kisses her shoulder. "You really are magical, you know that?"

Her grin is wide and more beautiful than the stars stretching out before them now that she's zapped away their ceiling. (He doesn't worry; he knows she'll replace it later.) "Thanks for reminding me. Now hold on tight." Grinning widely, she cackles again as her broom lifts higher. It's a speedy ascent, and Harvey finds himself clinging to her partially for balance and partially because he wants to. Salem throws his ebony head back and laughs, and away they ride on the most magical night of the year.

Below them, the moment they're certain they won't be seen, two young kids race into their kitchen. "Wow!" Zeze breathes.

Sammy pushes his glasses back onto his nose as he gawks up through the opened ceiling. "They really are flying!"

"And we will, too, one day!"

The children grab hands and laugh merrily. "We're going to have magic!" Sammy exclaims in wonder.

"We already have magic," Zeze reminds him, "but they're going to let us use it!" And so, Halloween dreams came true for all members of the Spellman-Kinkle family that magical, Samhain night.

The End
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