Kat Lee (katleept) wrote,
Kat Lee

Clark's Halloween Treat

Title: Clark's Halloween Treaet
Author: Kat Lee
Fandom: Smallville
Character/Pairing: Clark/Lex
Rating: PG/K+
Challenge/Prompt: slashthedrabble #420: PDA
Warning(s): Future Drabble
Word Count: 400
Date Written: 25 October 2016
Disclaimer: All characters within belong to DC Comics, not the author, and are used without permission.

They have been dancing together all night, but Clark's still surprised when Lex brings him closer and presses his lips to his. His lashes flutter. His blue eyes must be wide with his surprise as Lex's mouth lifts from his, because Lex teases him gently with a knowing smile, "What?"

"You -- You -- " Clark stammers. This isn't the first time they've kissed. They've been seeing each other exclusively, as Lex puts it, since he was in high school, but it is the first time Lex has ever kissed him in public. He hates PDAs, and he's afraid of them, Clark knows, although he won't use the word himself. Lex's fears are never for himself, but he is afraid the world will rip Clark apart if the press ever discovers they're together.

Lex shrugs a single, elegant shoulder. "It's Halloween," he says, smiling.

"Oh, so you only -- "

Lex caresses his face, ending Clark's bristling before it can really begin. "We celebrated our eighth anniversary last month," he says softly, gazing into his eyes and knowing he'll never see anything bluer. Not the ocean, not the sky, nothing but his boyfriend's eyes filled with love for him can be that pure and blue. "Every year," he continues, drawing a thumb across Clark's cheek and causing him to tingle deliciously, "you ask me for the same thing."

"And every year," Clark acknowledges breathlessly, "without fail, you turn me down."

"Perhaps it's time I change some of my ways. You save the world every day," he admits, making sure no one can overhear them, "without fail. No matter what they -- "

"It's not every day."

"Clark," Lex warns in that tone that means he wants him to be quiet and has a very good reason. "You save the world pretty much daily. No matter what the villains try, they never win. They can't stop you, so why I continue to fear the ravenous wolves that are the press, mortal as they are, sometimes I do not know." He caresses his face. "Perhaps I just fear for you regardless of whether you're fighting for your life or the world or simply deigning to be with me."

"Lex -- "

"And maybe it's time I stop that." With those words uttered between them, Lex lifts his mask and presses his lips to Clark's again among a flurry of cameras. Clark barely manages not to soar them as he's overcome with joy and love.

The End
Tags: holidays: halloween, smallville: clex
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