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Voices in the Wind

Title: Voices in the Wind
Author: Kat Lee
Fandom: Pocahontas
Character/Pairing: John Smith/Pocahontas
Rating: PG-13/T
Challenge/Prompt: a_war_of_roses: All Souls Night (If you join, be sure to tell them Kat Lee of Team White Roses sent you!)
Warning(s): Future Fic, Character Deaths
Word Count: 796
Date Written: 18 October 2016
Disclaimer: All characters within belong to Disney, not the author, and are used without permission.

They say he walks the shoreline in the full moon light, a glow of silver in his hands. Many ghosts linger because they're in search of their lovers, and he is no exception. Every one who knows of his story knows why he's here. He's in search of a Princess but not just any Princess. He's searching for the one he loved, the one who nearly gave her life to save his, and who also taught him to live in the first place long, long ago when the land was still wild.

The land is no longer wild. What was once a new, small village surrounded by Indian territory is now a bustling city. Most of the people who lived here before have died away, even before the war that shut his Princess' people far away from the rest of the world. She did so much for them, even sacrificing the life she wanted to try to ensure a happy future for them. She would be saddened to see what they have become, sequestered away onto the small plots of land where the government said they could, and truly must, live.

She would be saddened to see what he has become, but then he gave her so much sorrow before she ever left this land to journey through a city which he so foolishly thought was so much better than hers. They could have had a life here. They could have been happy here. Perhaps, with Pocahontas still in the new land here to guide her people in their interactions with the settlers, more than even they could have been happy.

But he didn't return to her in time. The sickness took such a toll on him that it was months before he was able to walk again. By that time, he felt that she deserved better than his weakened body could give her, and the crown needed him again. When he finally did surrender to the love he felt for her that never diminished and return to where he should have a year before, she was gone.

He waited for her to return, hearing only occasional news of her triumphs in London and trying to guide the settlers as he could, as he knew she would want him to do, but their two very different peoples were determined to fear each other. Fear has always led to hate and hate to battle. Worst still was the news of her marriage to John Rolfe.

The irony of her new husband's name did not escape John Smith, but it was too late. Divorce was not common back then as it is today. He could not ask her to leave the life she had built or the man who had been there for her when he had not. He could not ask her to love him as he had never stopped loving her. She had a life, a whole new life that did not include him, but she still had his heart.

John Smith found his only comfort in the burning fire, as her people called the liquor. He took to the bottle hard and kept to himself. He gave up trying for peace and let the world turn to war around him. Some say that he was shot in the battle or that an arrow pierced his skull. Others say he drank himself to death or even mourned until his heart could beat no longer.

What is known is that, under every full moon, he is still seen walking the shore line, his helmet in his hands, and his hollow eyes cast upon the ocean. Sometimes, those who catch glimpses of him see his mouth open. Sometimes, they hear him wail her name. He still calls for his beloved Pocahontas. He still waits for his Princess.

But the life she made for herself trapped her in London. Her spirit is one of hundreds that haunt the castle there. She calls his name but can not hear him call hers. She walks the castle's corridors as he paces the shore. She calls his name while he howls hers. They both still love each other, but an ocean still divides them.

Perhaps their world could have been different if he'd only returned to her when he should, but now they'll never know. Neither will we. Could Pocahontas' people have been freed? Could they have been saved to lead their lives as they chose? Could the union of two lovers made many others happy? We'll never know for as many answers as are found in the wind, there remains more questions amid the voices of two lovers who should have been together and could have created a glorious future together but are instead lost to each other for all time.

The End
Tags: pocahontas: smith/pocahontas
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