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Kat Lee

For Another Day

Title: For Another Day
Author: Kat Lee
Fandom: Pirates of the Caribbean
Character/Pairing: Wick (Will/Jack)
Rating: PG/K+
Challenge/Prompt: 1_million_words Flash Challenge:
Warning(s): Alternate Universe
Word Count: 1,040
Date Written: 27 September 2016
Disclaimer: All characters within belong to Disney, not the author, and are used without permission.

The sky's stretching as wide and blue as his eyes can see. The cries of the seagulls are distant. There is no other sound of life except for Jack's soft breathing beside his ear. His heart thumps. Hunger rumbles deep inside his gut. His sides ache.

He wriggles his fingers, remembering the sticky feel of his own blood dripping through them. Jack's mended the wound as best he can here. He washed off the blood long ago, but the feeling will remain for some time. The memory sends a slight chill through him despite the heat of the sand beneath his back and the sexy body laying next to his.

He watches the palm trees sway in the slight breeze. In this daze, they seem like gentle giants watching over them. He wonders how long they've lain here, how long they've already been on this island. It seems like days, but he knows it's only been hours. He knows because the sun hasn't set yet, but it will soon.

Night will fall, and they'll still be here. They have no hope of reaching the outside world or being found here unless a passing ship decides to dock on this deserted island for some reason. He should be scared. He's not.

Instead, he finds himself turning his head so he can look again upon the handsome man who's brought him here. Jack's good looks are part of what's brought them here, and the fact that he knows he's handsome doesn't help. Still, Will can't help musing, even if only to himself, about his Captain's good looks.

Jack cracks one kohl-rimmed eye and glances at Will underneath his dark lashes. He grins; the sunlight sparkles on his gold tooth. "Ye like lookin' at me," he slurs, the rum having taken its effect, "but ye like touchin' me even more." He smirks.

He's so cocky and full of himself that Will could slap him, especially since it's comments like that that led to them being caught and thrown off of Ana Marie's ship. Yet, at the same time, desire tingles in his fingers as they curl in the sand. He lets grains of hot sand slip through them, but he can't seem to take his eyes off of Jack. No wonder the women were always slapping him when they first met! There are many words that come to Will's tongue, but finally all he says is, "I was just thinking . . . You said it was tortoises you used before?"

"Aye," Jack answers, still looking at him through only one eye. God, how Will wants to both slap and kiss that cocky grin off of his handsome, smug face! "Don't see one around here, though, do ye?"

"No." Will's voice is soft. He isn't really worried about getting off the island, but he isn't going to tell him that. "So what's your plan?"

"Me plan is tae lay here, maybe see if I can find some more o' that rum I hid later on, an' worry about getting us out o' 'ere tomorrow."

"And today? You're just going to lay there all day?"

Jack's grin widens with another flash of gold. "Did I say I was just going tae lay here all day?" he slurs. Will's watches his ringed hand raise and wave in the salty air. "A good Pirate ne'er lays alone."

He should fight him, but there's not a single part of him left that wants to dodge Jack's touch as his hand comes down to land gently on his cheek. His fingers curl around his ear, and he softly rubs his lobe. "Come 'ere," he murmurs, and Will, despite his best intentions and despite knowing what got them into trouble in the first place today, goes willingly as Jack tugs gently on him with his other hand.

It's been a long day, and not exactly easy on their back sides. The Pearl was stolen weeks ago. They've been journeying with Ana Marie's crew following their trail, but when the women found them together in the crow's nest earlier, all compromises were dismissed and they were made to walk the plank. Will had known there would be problems if they were caught. He should be mad at Jack for luring him into his nest, but he can't be. They both want the same thing, after all.

As his body curls around Jack's, Will hears the gentle slapping of the waves on the short. He glances again at the tall palm trees swaying in the breeze and hears the cries of the sea gulls. They're thousands of miles away from any form of civilization. There's no one way out here to watch them except for the birds and the giant trees and no one to condemn them for their love. He smiles as he agrees in a soft murmur, "One more day," before touching his lips to those of the man he loves.

Jack tastes of rum, the darkest of chocolates, and sin. He knows the man is nothing but trouble. Yet, he still makes his heart beat wildly in his chest in a far more passionate cry than anything else any one before has ever evoked. He should be wary of him. He should watch him and keep him at a distance. But he can't do any of that to him. He loves him.

And perhaps that is why his taste is so heady, his kiss so wonderful. Maybe that's why Will doesn't care if they spend just one day or years on this island and why, secretly, he's hoping they're not found and Jack doesn't find a way off for a very, very long time to come. Maybe it's why being marooned on a deserted island feels like having a tropical paradise all to himself and the man he loves. Maybe it's why he can never voice complaints when Jack is kissing him or win an argument with him even when he knows he's right. It's definitely why he has hope even in the most desperate of situations and why being so far away from civilization now seems to have brought him closer than ever before to Heaven. Will keeps kissing his Captain and lets his thoughts rest for another day.

The End
Tags: potc: wick
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