Kat Lee (katleept) wrote,
Kat Lee

Good Girls

Title: Good Girls
Author: Kat Lee
Fandom: Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Character/Pairing: Buffy/Faith
Rating: PG/K+
Challenge/Prompt: femslash100 Drabbletag 7: Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Buffy/Faith - Good Girls - requested by englishghosts
Warning(s): None
Word Count: 250
Date Written: 13 September 2016
Disclaimer: All characters within belong to Whedon, not the author, and are used without permission.

They watch in silence as the Watchers lead away the one Slayerette they all failed to reach. Faith's uncomfortable and almost growling, but she holds her tongue not for the other girl's sake for the sake of the other kids watching -- and for the sake of the two this chick almost got killed tonight. No one speaks until Wesley ducks the girl into the back seat of the car and she spits angrily out at Faith and Buffy, "I'll be back."

Buffy smiles, but it isn't the smile of warning that Faith would give the spoiled brat. It's a true smile of patience and kindness that twists Faith's stomach into knots. "We'll be waiting," she says, and the promise hangs in the air as the Watchers drive away with their failed charge.

They stay standing in silence until every one else has filed back into the house. Then Buffy glances up at her as they turn together, "Remind you of any one?"

Faith shrugs. She's not in the mood for chatter, but Buffy persists. "It's better," she asks quietly, taking her hand and tugging her back to her side, "being one of the good girls, isn't it?"

Faith finally meets her gaze. Still, she shrugs, but Buffy doesn't back down. The girl never backs down; Faith knows that more than most. Finally, she tells her, "It's better being with you," and pulls her close, kissing her and telling her with her lips and tongue what she can not say with words.

The End
Tags: btvs: faith/buffy
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