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Kat Lee

Lex's Happy Ending

Title: Lex's Happy Ending
Author: Kat Lee
Fandoms: Smallville/Once Upon A Time
Character/Pairing: Clark/Lex, Charming/Snow
Rating: PG/K+
Challenge/Prompt: clexmas Reverse Bang: ctbn60's Once Upon A Time and prompt_in_a_box: Obsession
Warning(s): Future AU
Word Count: 1,054
Date Written: 23 August 2016
Disclaimer: All characters within belong to their rightful owners, not the author, and are used without permission.

"You made it!" his Prince exclaims joyously.

"Of course," he says, smiling as he leans across the stone that's every bit as long as his body. He's not dressed in the dresses of the current fashion. He doesn't wear a dress or a corset at all. Those clothes are yet another one of the many things he should have had a right to as a Princess but which his stepfather has taken from him. But tonight, he smiles because tonight, no matter what else is happening in the Enchanted Forest, he's with the man he loves. "Did you really think I would let all the wicked Witches and evil step fathers keep me from meeting you?"

His Prince lowers his eyes. "I was afraid," he answers at length, every bit as shy as when they first met and he saved his life from the runaway carriage he'd intended to rob before the horses had almost carried the thing off the bridge. He remembers the strength he witnessed in his Prince that night when he stopped the carriage and saved himself and the passengers from certain death. He wants to feel that strength again tonight.

He stands and goes to him. Clark Charming wraps his arms tightly around him, and he relishes in the feel of his muscles surrounding him in such a loving embrace. If he didn't know better, Clark's touch could easily fool him into thinking he's safe, but he'll never be safe as Lionel is alive. He killed an entire village again today just for keeping his secrets.

Clark kisses him, and for the first time, all the thoughts warring in his mind stop. All he feels in that moment is passion and the serenity of being with the man he loves. There's no fear, no war, no evil stepfather to stop or lives to save. There is only the two of them and the True Love they share. He caresses his face as Clark gently lifts his mouth from his. His blue eyes search his before he whispers his plea, "Run away with me."

"You know I can't do that," he says, feeling the sorrow of the fact. This may not be a war for which he asked, but he still can not turn his back on those who need him. "I have to find a way to stop the Evil King," he reminds him as gently as he can. "Only then can I run away with you and be your bride, but we won't have to run then." He knows Grumpy thinks he's after his money, and this is as good a time as any to test his theory. "We can stay together then and rule the kingdom then."

"I don't care about the kingdom!" Clark cries. "I only want you to be safe!"

There's a whisper passing through the woods even now. He can't hear it, but he feels it. The King will soon find their secret place here in these ancient ruins. "I will never be safe," he tells him, "until Lionel is dead. You have to go."

"He's coming!" Lex says and pushes against him with one hand as he draws his bow with the other. He readies an arrow as Clark talks about not leaving him. "Go," he tells him again, sensing his stepfather's steady approach.

He turns and lets the arrow fly. It's a steady shot driven by instinct, but Lionel catches it just before it can pierce the place over his heart, if indeed he even still has one. He's heard the rumors about the King having removed his own heart for safe keeping. It doesn't matter now, though, for in Lionel's hands, his arrow turns to ash. "It's far past time you die." The King sneers at him as he forms a fireball.

The fireball speeds toward him, and Lex awakes. He springs to a sitting position in his bed, parts of his body still trembling. He's covered in sweat. He looks, through wildly panicking, blue eyes, at the humming television and realizes what's happened. He forces his hammering heart to calm as he gives himself a thorough shake and turns to where he expects to find his real True Love slumbering beside him.

But Clark, as usual, is gone. A note lays on his place. Lex's eyes dash over it as he picks it up. Thank you for a charming evening, it reads. Lex's lips lift somewhere between a grin and a smirk. Even Clark has noticed his obsession with this show! I must away to deal to stop another Evil Queen from destroying our world. Please don't wait up for me, but know I love you. Clark's signed it with x's and o's at which Lex does truly smirk and scribbled "Your Prince" across the bottom of the page.

Lex stares at those letters for a long moment before finally letting himself chuckle. Then he rolls back over to his side of their bed, picks up both remotes, and turns the television and DVD player off. He glances at the clock beside his bed. He has two hours before he has to rise and get ready for the first meeting of his day. He could go ahead and get up -- he long ago grew accustomed to having very little sleep --, but as he considers doing so, he remembers his dream and recalls how delicious Clark looked dressed as Prince Charming.

But himself as Snow White? He laughs aloud again at the memory. He's been called many things but never a Princess! He'd much more be the Rumplestiltskin or even Regina type. The world definitely considers him a villain, and yet . . . Yet his hero and theirs has gone out to save them again.

He settles back down into the welcoming blanket that was one of Martha's many gifts to them when they married. The woman can sew almost as well as she can cook, and the soft fabric soon has Lex yawning again. Still, he considers his villainous role with an upward curve to his lips. Who says villains don't get happy endings? he thinks. The writers have that wrong for he's certainly gotten his. His eyes close, and Lex smiles as he sees again his Prince Clark and gathers his True Love safely close to him in his dreams.

The End
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