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Title: Everything
Author: Kat Lee
Dedicated To: My beloved Jack, my Drew, just a little something happy to make her smile. <3 I love you, darling!!!
Fandom: Pirates of the Caribbean
Character/Pairing: Jack/Will
Rating: PG-13/T
Challenge/Prompt: 12_stories: Wind
Warning(s): AU
Word Count: 1,244
Date Written: 22 August 2016
Disclaimer: All characters within belong to Disney, not the author, and are used without permission.

"Gibbs," Jack calls, "take the wheel." As his First Mate hurries to obey him, the Pirate Captain sashays with purpose toward the man who's been standing at the Pearl's bow ever since they began to pull away from the harbor. Reaching him, Jack leans against the railing and drapes his arms over his ship. He pats the metal like some men would pat a dog's head to tell the animal he's done a good job, but even she can't hold his attention today. Finally, he looks back to his dearest friend and asks softly, "Will?"

The former blacksmith turns his head into the wind, feeling its warm caress on his cheek. It's late afternoon. He knows he isn't in bed or otherwise dreaming. This is real. It's really happening; yet, still, he finds it so hard to believe. "I just . . . " He shakes his head. "I can't believe this is really happening," he admits.

Jack stills himself. "It's not too late to change yer mind," he speaks quietly. "Elizabeth can give ye a happy life. Rather ye're wit' me or her, ye'll never have to feel Brown again."

Jack blinks in surprise as Will moves so swiftly that he doesn't even see the lad moving until he's standing directly in front of him. "Don't get me wrong," he tells him earnestly. "This is what I want. I just . . . " He shakes his head again. "It seems like a dream come true."

"What does?" Jack asks, but then he thinks he knows the answer already. "Getting away from Port Royal? Away from him?"

"Away from them all," Will acknowledges, "but it's not just that. I'm getting away from them all, but I'm going away with you, Jack. That's the part that seems like a dream more than anything else. Ever since you told me two nights ago -- "

"That I love ye?" Jack supplies, his voice as soft as a dove's wings, as Will fumbles for words.

"Aye." He nods and then cocks his head slightly to one side. "Are you sure you meant it? I never thought you'd love anything other than yourself and your ship."

He knows the words aren't meant to be a verbal blow. If any one else had told him such, he would have felt them to be accusatory, an attack on his character, but Will's humbled even as he says them. He really can't believe he's chosen him to love. He can't blame the lad. Jack himself hadn't seen it coming, but he'd realized when he'd been trapped on an island with that wench, Swan, that he was truthfully more concerned about Will than he was even his Pearl and that he was falling for the boy.

One thing had eventually led to another until he had been unable to look at leaving Will with Elizabeth and returning to the seas alone without pain cutting through his heart. Even losing his ship hadn't hurt as much, and so Jack had finally ended up telling Will how he felt and asking the lad to come along with him back to the sea and live a Pirate's life. Will's quickness to answer had surprised him almost as much as his own feelings had.

And now . . . Now here they are, setting sail into a new life together. "It surprised me, too," he finds himself murmuring. "I never expected to fall for any one, let alone a boy who hates Pirates."

"I don't hate all Pirates."

"How are we going to do this, Will?" Perhaps they hadn't thought this completely through after all. "You hate Pirates."

"No." Will shakes his head. "I only thought I did, because I thought it was Pirates who killed my family. You told me my father was a Pirate."

"And a Helluva Pirate he was, lad."

"We can do this together, Jack. Pirates don't have to be bad. We can be . . . We can be kind of a Robin Hood type of Pirate. Take only from the evil and rich, give to the poor, that sort of thing."

He can agree to taking only from those who can deserve to spare their riches, but he and his men are the deserving poor. He'll just have to woo Will around to that way of thinking. "And us?" he asks, stepping closer.

"I already told you I love you. I think I started falling in love with you from almost the moment we met. That's why I was so angry with you."

A sly smile chases across Jack's face as he comes nearer still to his will. "Aye," he breathes, "but it ne'er hurts tae hear it again."

"I love you," Will speaks in earnest and without hesitation. He turns to face him, the island of Port Royal where he spent so much of his life no longer even a dot on the horizon. "I love you. I love you!"

Jack cups his face lovingly in his hands. He brushes one thumb across Will's high cheekbone; the other darts across his lips as he vows again, "I love you!" Will beams at him underneath his touch and leans closer, no longer feeling the need to hide.

And there is none, Jack knows, because if any of his crew disagrees with what he is about to show them, they can take their opinions with them to Davy Jones' locker. His eyes drift closed as his lips touch Will's. He jumps apart at the sudden sound of an explosion, draws his sword, and looks around. His eyes fall on his crew, all of whom are looking at them. Marty waves back from the top of a cannon.

Jack swiftly raises his blade as another explosion rattles. He looks up toward the sound, but they're not under attack. Fireworks are exploding in the afternoon sky. The sky's so bright that he almost doesn't see the glittering, gold sparks. He looks back to Marty, who gives him a thumbs up sign and a broad, toothy grin.

"Hear! Hear!" another of his crew calls out. Almost every one raises their mugs in a toast, every one but Ragetti and Pintel who are already kissing.

Jack looks back to Will with a shrug. "At least they approve," he murmurs. "Now where were we?" He steps close again, his arms wrapping around Will's waist.

Will glances back at his beau's crew. "And if they didn't?" he asks.

"Then I'd make every last one of them walk the plank," Jack snarls. "No one's going to keep us apart, Will, ever again. You'll never have to hide here."

Will looks back into Jack's eyes with a radiant smile. "We'll never have to hide," he amends, and then he kisses him again and again among the sounds of exploding fireworks and applauding friends. He kisses him soundly and deeply, sending emotions the Pirate has never felt crashing through Jack's shore.

Jack's mouth falls open with a gentle moan, and their tongues meet, strike, duel, and kiss in their own fashion. Jack pulls Will closer still, his tongue devouring his mouth, tongue, and teeth, and knows at last he's found the greatest treasure ever known to man. He has his love. He has his treasure. He has his heading. And in Will, he knows he's got everything he's ever going to want or need. He's got his whole world right here in this wonderful, delicious man in his arms and the ship beneath their feet. He's got everything.

The End
Tags: potc: wick
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