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Title: Time
Author: Kat Lee
Fandom: Saved by the Bell
Character/Pairing: Slater/Jessi
Rating: R/M
Challenge/Prompt: smallfandomflsh #181: Sonorous
Warning(s): Future AU, Character Deaths
Word Count: 1,231
Date Written: 14 August 2016
Disclaimer: All characters within belong to Peter Engel, not the author, and are used without permission.

He's tired beyond words as he slips his key into the lock. He never thought his life would turn out this way, and it only seems to get worse with every passing day. Every day, he's burying more and more of his friends, more of the young men he trained and sent into the battle field, but yet, what choice do they really have? They can't stop fighting now. They didn't ask for this war, but there have been far too many Americans killed to simply stop now.

He closes his eyes at the memories that swell in his mind. He still remembers how it all started. He'd had a bright future back then, no fears or worries. He'd been determined to be his own man, as he'd called it, and never go into the military. Then their country had been attacked, and Zack and Kelly had been one of the first planes that had been hit. Their loss had changed everything, and he still misses them to this day.

He hears his phone beep and looks at it. Screech is taking a few minutes out of his research to play some kind of game, but he's not in the mood for playing. He hits a button on his phone, dismissing his friend's invitation, drops his keys and phone back into his pocket, and pushes on into his home.

That's when he hears it. His wife's beautiful voice fills their tiny apartment. She's singing an old song that was popular when they were teenagers, and the lyrics instantly take him back. Of all the things that have changed, the one thing that hasn't is how they feel about each other.

It could have been worse, Slater thinks, following the sound of her voice and leaving his muddy boots by their locked front door. He could have lost her. Instead, she's the very one who continues to give him the strength to keep fighting this endless war every day of their lives. He tosses his cap onto the kitchen table and starts unbuttoning his shirt.

Jessi's changed a lot, too, and he knows she no more saw the changes that would hit them as they grew older than he has. They've suffered so much, but like himself, she still keeps going. He hardly ever hears her utter a word of complaint, but he knows there are other men who could have given her so much more than he has. There are other men who would have pushed her away and told her to live her own life, to get that education she wanted and become the lawyer she once dreamed of being.

But he's never really been the given sort. He's selfish especially when it comes to her. When she told him she wanted to come with him into the military and fight the people who killed their friends, he embraced her. Maybe he should have sent her away, but he didn't. She was the only thing to whom he had to cling in those first several dark months of ruthless training fueled by his hatred for their friends' murderers. There were so many times he wanted to give up, but one reassuring smile from her set him to fighting again every time.

She's retired from the military now, and she's finally working on furthering her education and doing with her life what she always wanted. She could go to better colleges, but she won't leave his side. She attends school online instead and is always ready for him when he comes home. He actually left about an hour early today, or she'd be out of the shower and have dinner on the table already.

He doesn't make a sound as he opens the bathroom door. He leaves his shirt in the hallway and quickly finishes undressing as her sonorous voice and the steam from her shower wrap all around his tired muscles. He flexes his chest as he stands in front of the mirror, rubbing a spot clean with the palm of his hand. Many things have changed, he thinks, examining what he has to offer his beautiful and loving wife, but he doesn't look too bad.

He steps into the shower, rustling the curtain just a little as he does so. Jessi whirls to meet him, breaking off in mid-song and stopping just short of pressing her razor against his throat. He grins at her, dimples shining as always, and he can almost visibly see her melt. "You're lucky, you know," she says, waving the razor at him in warning before placing it on their shower caddy.

He wraps his arms around her and draws her close. "I know," he murmurs, his deep voice soft and quiet inside her ear. He buries his face in her hair that's now short again after she donated her inches to fight Lisa's breast cancer months ago. Bubbly soap smears his face, but he doesn't care as he rubs his cheek lovingly against the side of her head.

Her arms wrap around him as she emits a small, satisfied sound. "I don't know to what I owe this pleasure," she tells him, "but I'm glad you're happy."

"You keep me that way, Jess," he answers, and it's true. He's got every reason in the world to be upset except one, and he's been focusing on all the rest for hours today. He needs to leave the world outside their home and concentrate on the one good thing in his life. It's the very least he owes her.

"I took new flowers to their memorial today," she murmurs.

"Shush," he whispers, placing two fingers against her lips.

She looks at him questioningly; he beams down at her. "They'd want us to be happy," he says, words she's so often used on him, "and you give me every reason to be happy, Missus Slater." He kisses her long and deep, his tongue sliding smoothly into the familiar, satiny warmth of her sweet mouth. She immediately answers him, her tongue sliding against his and pushing deeper, building the passion of their kiss.

He feels the tightness of her breasts against his chest, and he thinks again how lucky he is to have this incredible woman who's not only beautiful but a genius as well. He lifts her from the shower, kissing her more deeply, ravishing her mouth with his own, then starts to step from the tub. She presses him against the wall instead, letting a soft moan slip out at the same time she strokes his shaft.

He kisses harder, more hungrily, and she responds in kind, reminding him of another reason why he's lucky to have her. Despite her strong belief in women's lib and all that, she's almost always put him first, and her passion has always met his. Her mouth moves from his to suckle his neck, and as Slater lifts her and she wraps her long, shapely legs around his hips, he thinks maybe it's time he finally flipped the tables. Maybe it's time he look into taking a vacation and finally put her first instead. Maybe it's time they finally took that honeymoon they've always talked about but never had. He hears Hawaii's nice this time of year. It's the last thought he has before she squeezes him inside of her, exploding pleasure for him and for them both once again.

The End
Tags: saved bt bell: slater/jessi
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