Kat Lee (katleept) wrote,
Kat Lee

Desire of a Cosmic Troublemaker

Title: Desire of a Cosmic Troublemaker
Author: Kat Lee
Fandom: Nina Bangs' MacKenzie Vampires series
Character/Pairing: Ganymede/Sparkle
Rating: PG-13/T
Challenge/Prompt: smallfandomflsh #180: Ambrosial
Warning(s): None
Word Count: 1,189
Date Written: 31 July 2016
Disclaimer: All recognizable characters within belong to Nina Bangs, not the author, and are used without permission.

He folds his furry ears against his head and tries to focus on his ice cream, but even the delightfully sugary tastes of caramel and cream melting in his mouth can't keep him from hearing the words floating all around him. Worse yet, with the superior hearing of his current form, he can hear conversations being held rooms and even floors away, regardless of the number of boards between himself and the talkers. Sparkle is at her old game again, and it burns. That's the real reason why he's on his second pint of ice cream already today, although he'd never admit it.

He hates it when they have to do cases like their current project. He doesn't mind his feline form -- there are certain advantages to being cute and cuddly --, but he doesn't like having to be a cat while she's still a voluptuous, sensual woman. If they could both be humans, or even both be cats, it wouldn't be near as bad, but she always uses her human form, while he's stuck as a cat, to make him jealous. It's an old game, but it's one of her favorites and, damn it, if it doesn't always work!

"Did you see the owner of this place?" one of the newest guys to enter the castle theme park whispers.

"Yeah, dude! Huzzah!"

"I'm so gonna bang that!"

Ganymede's eyes slice to narrow slits, and he kneads at the cement beneath his paws. It hurts, but the pain, like his cream, is a distracter until somebody else whispers.

"Where were you last night, man?"

"I spent some time with the owner!"

"Really? Tell me! Is she as good in bed as they say?"

"Better! Man, I've never had a woman like that!"

Ganymede's long, black tail cuts through the hot air as he thinks fiercely, And you never will again! He knows these mortals, and even those who consider themselves to be Immortals because their life spans so far eclipse humans', aren't important to Sparkle. Not a single one of them can hold her interest for more than a day, tops. She may play with them now, but he's the one to whom she always returns. He's the only one who knows what she is and why she's truly as good as she is. He's the only one who knows her every dark, little (and big) secret.

"You've got to tell me, Matt," yet another of the men urges. "What's it like to kiss her?"

"She . . . She . . . " The man searches for words, but Ganymede already knows the answer. She's beyond anything their puny, little minds can grasp. "She's wonderful, man! I'm telling you: one kiss from her is hotter than the best sex you've ever had!"

Ganymede sorts at the Vampire's description, releasing a little bit of his ice cream back into his crystal bowl as he does so. Of course she's better than any sex they've ever had! She's better than any other sex he's ever had and improves every time they're together again! He can't really blame her for toying with the species beneath them. After all, whenever their roles are reversed and he's the human and she's the cat, he does the same thing, when he's not too caught up in thoughts of world domination.

And it's their own faults that they have these limitations now. If they'd merely been content to be Cosmic Troublemakers and hadn't tried to take over the world, they'd still be free to roam where and how they please and have each other consistently instead of these dalliances with creatures that really are so far below them. The world has a lot of temptations, and they, like those beneath them, were sucked into its primitive desires. His ebony ears prick up as he hears the kitchen door open, and he knows from the way the person moves that it's his sexy woman again.

Ganymede returns to eating his ice cream, but he's fully aware of Sparkle's every sway through the kitchen. She doesn't prowl as he does when he walks. She still exudes power, but it's a different kind of power. She has the ability to bring any man to his knees with pleasure, and one look at her promises that and so much more to any one who sees her. His tail swishes again as he thinks about the pleasure she's going to bring him when they're alone and in their natural forms once more, but he keeps his mouth full of ice cream. He's not ready to forgive her just yet.

There's another couple of guys just two rooms down discussing his soul mate. The one who tasted her ruby red lips is trying to think of a way to describe her taste to his friend. He blunders and sputters and still can't think of a word, but the moment Sparkle's fingers touch Ganymede's soft, black fur, he knows exactly the word for her feel and taste. It's no wonder these men can't describe her accurately. They've never had anything like her before, and unlike Ganymede who will have her again and again throughout eternity, they'll never know any one like her again. There's only one Sparkle Stardust, and she's not theirs to keep.

He purrs as she brings him to nestle against her luscious breasts. Her hand strokes his head. She muttered something about him having too much Ben & Jerry's which she picked him up, but he doesn't care. Right now, her natural scent underlying her perfume is wrapping around him. His senses are being filled with her presence, and his purr deepens. Yes, he knows exactly how to describe his woman! She's ambrosial, like the very food of the Gods, except that he's not sharing her with any other Gods or lesser beings once he gets his rightful form back!

"Medey, I'm bored," she pouts, and he can see her full, ruby red lips drawing down. His tail swishes. He could easily kiss that manmade lipstick off of her luscious lips if he had his body back. She wouldn't be bored, and he wouldn't be bored or jealous.

Let's go home, he purrs, and she instantly brightens. Their work here is done, and the creates around here are so passe. Going home with him is the best idea she's heard in weeks.

Her fingers stroke his fur as she squishes him tighter against her full and perky breasts. He kneads one with his paw, unseen by any one who might venture into the kitchen and spy them. Lead the way, babe, he thinks, swishing his tail, and with but a thought, they're gone from that realm with creatures so far beneath them. With but another thought, he has a man's body again. His lips are on hers once more where they belong, and with just one more thought, he's taking her down into a water bed covered with red roses and silk sheets. He has his Sparkle once again while his ice cream lays forgotten in the mortal realm. He doesn't care. Who wants ice cream, after all, when you can have a Cosmic Troublemaker?

The End
Tags: nina bangs: ganymede/sparkle
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