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Destined To Be

Title: Destined To Be
Author: Kat Lee
Fandom: Charmed
Character/Pairing: Prue/Piper
Rating: PG-13/T
Challenge/Prompt: femslashbb July 2016 Challenge: Seasons of Love
Warning(s): Character Deaths, AU, Incest
Word Count: 1,375
Date Written: 26 July 2016
Disclaimer: All characters within belong to Spelling Entertainment, not the author, and are used without permission.

She remembers the Spring of their love. She remembers how her sister's touch always felt new, exciting, and comforting. She remembers how it felt like they had the whole world when they cuddled together between their mother and grandmother while the television was on or Grams was reading to them stories they did not yet understand. She remembers how they used to chase each other in the yard and, when Prue caught her, her whole world was in her sister's eyes.

She remembers the first time the doctor said she needed glasses. She remembers how she cried and cried, thinking they'd make her ugly and knowing it would give the kids at school an extra reason to pick on her. She remembers how Prue kissed away her tears and assured her she'd just kick more ass at school. She laughs softly with the memory. Prue certainly was an ass kicker, and she kicked ass for her for years.

Yet there came a time, she recalls with sorrow chasing away her smile, when they did grow apart. Prue started getting interested in boys, and the kisses they used to sneak behind closed doors and in the darkness of their rooms when they were supposed to be asleep, started happening less and less frequently. She remembers when they stopped all together. Prue broke her heart when she told her she no longer loved her that way. It was the first time her sister broke her heart, but it wouldn't be the last.

They eventually became friends again but didn't speak of the secret love they'd shared as children. Piper would always tingle whenever Prue's skin brushed hers, but she never spoke of her feelings. She'd learned to hide her broken heart and even to pretend to swoon over guys so she could have her sister back in her life. It wasn't until they became more than they were then that they finally dared to be more again.

Piper wonders sometimes how their lives would be different if Phoebe had never read the spell that restored their powers. Prue probably never would have returned to loving her, or at least to admitting that she still loved her, but perhaps she'd still be alive. Maybe Andy would be, too, and they would have settled down with 2.5 kids and a life outside of magic. It breaks her heart to think Prue might have come to love Andy more than she loved her, but at the same time, it's nice to consider what would have happened if her big sister had been allowed to live until she was old and gray, as Piper is now.

Piper runs her wrinkled hands down the leather covers of their family's Book of Shadows. The Book contains many spells from generations of Halliwell Witches, but she isn't concerned with the power it holds tonight. She's focused on the memories instead, on her sisters' handwriting and the pictures and flowers tucked away inside the Book's ancient pages. She opens the Book to a spell Prue wrote and traces the curve of her letters as she remembers.

Both she and Prue were angry about being Witches for a long time even after they finally came to believe in their powers and heritage. Only Phoebe was glad to be a Witch, but Piper gradually learned to love their Craft. It shut them away from the rest of the world, and once more there were times, when she, Prue, and Phoebe cuddled together that it felt like they were their own little world. Of course, the Demons never let that last for long, but she and Prue did become close again.

Prue confessed to her that she still had feelings for her and that she had only been trying to be the woman she thought she was supposed to be by chasing after so many guys. She also wanted to give her a chance at a normal life and a man who would love her and give her everything she should have. They both eventually learned that normal lives were overrated. There was also a reason why none of their relationships with men ever worked out. They were always meant to be together, and their destinies as Charmed Ones finally did draw them back together.

But it wasn't to last. Their happiness never did last, even though their love did. After Prue, Piper never loved again. They had all agreed she should marry their White Lighter early on in order to shield the truth of their love from the Powers That Be as well as all the evil things they fought. Piper never officially ended her marriage with Leo -- they even had children together to further the Halliwell lineage --, but she almost lost herself to grief and evil when the Powers That Be took Prue from her. It was a Warlock who killed her, but she never stopped believing that They let it happen because they dared to love each other.

Her upper lip curls back in a silent snarl of anger. They let Prue be killed. They took her from her, because sisters were not meant to love as they did. Even her grandmother and mother told them the same, which was part of the reason why they hid their true feelings for each other for as long as they did and why Prue later tried to give her a life without her love in it. She got that life after all, and although it's had its good moments, she's never once stopped missing her soul mate.

She closes her tired eyes and leans back against her headboard. She's spent the last few hours remembering the Spring, Summer, and Fall of her own greatest romance. She's lived through almost every season of their love, and Winter is coming soon. She can feel it in her old, aching bones. She feels a wind rise in her bedroom but doesn't open her eyes.

"Prue," she calls, "is that you?" She doesn't dare look. She aches for it to be her sister, but the Powers have never let her visit her. They've punished them nonstop ever since learning of their true love for one another, but her love for her sister has never dulled, not with time, age, or even grief. She thinks every day of their Spring together when they were young children stealing silent kisses and first beginning to explore what they felt for each other and of their Summer, when they were bolder and more learned, loving each other thoroughly behind doors that sheltered them from the rest of the world. She's suffered through the Fall without her, but now . . .

Now . . . "Is it time?" she whispers hoarsely, closing the Book. Her smile grows as she feels the breeze which she knows is truly a spirit lovingly caress her cold cheek. She still dares not open her eyes. She'd rather believe, in her heart, that the soul touching hers is her sister again rather than open her eyes and have her heart break once more.

"Can I come home now?" she asks tiredly. "Can I come to be with you?" She can hear music far away and the familiar laughter of little girls in love.

And this time, her sister truly does answer her. "Yes," Prue says, and she can hear the relief and joy in her beloved's voice as she answers her. "Open your eyes, Piper, and dance with me."

When Piper looks, Prue is standing before her, as beautiful as she ever was. Her heart soars as she rises, her hand slipping into hers where it's always belonged. Prue beams and whisks her up into the air. The laughter she hears grows louder, and Piper realizes, with surprise, that they are laughing now. They are laughing, dancing, and smiling, and the Earth is slipping further and further away.

"Come be with me, sister! Love me again!"

"I never stopped!" Piper cries and kisses her eagerly. Winter has come at last, and finally they are free to love each other as they always have. Prue whisks her away from life, and soon, they're dancing on clouds, still laughing and smiling and loving each other eternally as was always destined to be.

The End
Tags: charmed: prue/piper
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