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Kat Lee

What She Wants

Title: What She Wants
Author: Kat Lee
Fandom: Golden Girls
Character/Pairing: Blanche/Dorothy
Rating: PG-13/T
Challenge/Prompt: dove_drabbles #46: Make the first move.
Warning(s): None
Word Count: 1,114
Date Written: 26 July 2016
Disclaimer: All characters within belong to their rightful owners, not the author, and are used without permission.

She's always believed in making the first move. She doesn't understand why she's nervous now. She knows her way around the boudoir better than any other woman alive and quite possibly better than any of the great lovers who have become deceased since their legends became known. She knows what to do. She certainly knows how to make a move. She can bring any man to his knees with need. Certainly women can be no different.

Yet, day after day, she continues to hesitate until the moments are lost. She knows she has to act in the right moment if she's ever going to claim what she wants. She has to take these moments she's letting pass them by and bend them to her will. She may have to bend her to her will. She won't break her, because she knows Dorothy wants the same thing she does, but she will bend her.

She grew adept at bending men to her will long ago. When she was still a child, she had her Big Daddy wrapped around her little finger and every boy in Atlanta yearning to please her. She never had to worry about who was going to take her to a dance or any other social event. She had guys lining up for miles underneath her balcony and her daddy's gun always at the ready. She may have been a little chubby back then -- she may still be so now --, but a few extra pounds have never kept the guys from aching for her.

There's also the old saying that a man won't buy a cow when he can get the milk for free, but that, too, has never been the case with her. The more often a guy has her, the more he wants her. She's had more marriage proposals than she has shoes in her closet, and she does like her shoes almost as well as her men or, at least, almost as well as her cheesecake.

She can bend Dorothy to her will. There's no doubt about that, so why does she continue to hesitate? Why doesn't she open her mouth and tell her why she feels rather than spending all these nights awake and restless after she's thoroughly had and enjoyed whatever man she's chosen for the night? Why does she always send them home these evenings, rather than allowing them to stay to sunrise and entertain her while these thoughts ravish her mind? At least then, she could have fun, rather than staying here awake and wondering.

She knows Dorothy's alone. The poor girl never has any dates. Blanche knows the real secret, even though she'll never admit it. Dorothy is too much man for any man to take on, which is exactly why she aches for her. She's the kind of man, even if born with the wrong sex, who could keep Blanche entertained and feeling safe and loved for hours.

All she has to do is to go to her, which would be so easy. She could tiptoe across the hallway, slip into Dorothy's room, and be back to her own before daylight; Sophia and Rose would never be the wiser. Dorothy would be surprised and delighted to find her in her bed. She might gasp in surprise, might even yelp or thunder out a demand as to what she's doing there, but Blanche knows she could silence her with one kiss. She could silence her and melt her will and all her fiery, stubborn determination with a single kiss.

She knows, too, what that kiss would lead to for both of them. Blanche knows she'll be able to pleasure Dorothy in ways the older woman has never before experienced, and she's quite certain that Dorothy, in turn, will bring to her what so many men in Miami have tried and failed to do. She'll finally give her the ultimate pleasure she's been seeking ever since her husband died. She might even be better than George. In her dreams, she always becomes, under her careful and loving tutelage, the best lover she's ever had.

All it would take is to go to her and not even whisper a word. All it would take is a single kiss, and both their fantasies would start becoming fulfilled. All it would take is a single kiss, and Blanche would finally be satisfied. But yet, as she tiptoes through the hallway, she slips right pass Dorothy's door and continues hurriedly to the kitchen.

She freezes when she enters the kitchen, however, for the very object of her thoughts is standing in the open refrigerator door. She's drinking a cold glass of milk while Blanche examines her own tall drink of water. Her mouth immediately starts to water. It's a hot night, and Dorothy's dressed in an old nightgown that Blanche can already see a lot of the treasure that's been keeping her up at night.

Dorothy doesn't know she's here yet. She could slip back to her room, but she shakes her head and squares her shoulders. She's never ran from a man like this unless she's been playing hard to get, and if she continues playing hard to get here, Dorothy will never dare make the first move. She knows she's far too afraid of rejection, but Blanche Deveraux doesn't get rejected. She gets what she wants, and for a while now, Dorothy Zbornak is exactly what she's been wanting.

It's time to get her due. Blanche sashays through the kitchen. Dorothy looks up when she's halfway to her. She hesitates only a second, then continues her seductive walk and watches Dorothy's Adam's apple bob. She takes the half-empty glass from her hand and places it back into the refrigerator.

"B-Blanche?" Dorothy's stammering, but Blanche isn't going to back down this time. She's going to get what she's been wanting for too long now to deny herself another night with the woman of her dreams. She pushes Dorothy away from the refrigerator, grabs her manly shoulders, and brings her down to her. She presses her lips to hers even as she presses the refrigerator door shut with her foot.

Dorothy moans instantly. An echoing moan of pleasure rises within Blanche, but she turns her and pushes her back toward her boudoir, her mouth never leaving hers. She won't give her a chance to complain, protest, or question. She won't give her a chance to say anything more than "yes", which her hands, lips, and tongue quickly do once Blanche has determinedly pushed the second door shut with her foot. Blanche Deveraux has always been adept at getting what she wants, and tonight, she gets exactly that.

The End
Tags: golden girls: blanche/dorothy
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