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Operation: Proposal

Title: Operation: Proposal
Author: Kat Lee
Dedicated To: Happy Birthday, my dear hughville!!! May this year be the best yet for you and your momma!!
Fandom: Once Upon A Time
Character/Pairing: Swan Queen (Emma/Regina), Henry
Rating: PG-13/T
Warning(s): None
Word Count: 1,295
Date Written: 19 July, 2016
Disclaimer: All characters within belong to their rightful owners, not the author, and are used without permission.

She's been planning this moment for months, but now that the day upon which she is decided is here, nothing seems to be going according to her scheme. Emma won't go into their bedroom. She wants to talk about work. She won't leave her alone long enough to finish the meal she's planned for them, a meal of all her girlfriend's favorite foods that heighten her sexual appetite. Regina could have it all done in a second with magic, but she's been trying to keep her word to both Emma and their son and not rely on her magical abilities except in the most dire of situations. This may be the most frustrating situation she's been in since she first started falling for the Savior years ago, but it's certainly not dire.

Except that, if she doesn't soon get her way, fire may well start sparking itself from her fingertips. "Emma," she manages to keep her tone calm without a hint of the frustration she's feeling, "why don't you go on upstairs to our bedroom? I've got you a nice, warm bubble bath just waiting for you to sink into it and wash away the frustrations of your day." She wishes there was something she could use as easily to wash away her own frustrations.

"I'm hungry," Emma complains, sounding far too much like Henry when he's trying her patience.

She should win a medal for not already succumbing to her magic, or throwing Emma against the wall, stripping her out of her white tank top and tight, blue jeans, and having her way with her. "Dinner will be ready in five more minutes." She grates out the last part. She can't help it! All she needs is five more minutes! Then she'll be able to present the love of her life with the meal she's planned just for her, including the gold ring inside the shell of the oyster.

"But I'm hungry now."

Sometimes, she thinks the woman knows exactly what she's doing to her! "There's a saucer of apple and cheese slices waiting upstairs with a bottle of your favorite wine."

Emma stops. Her blonde head lifts from examining the meager contents of their refrigerator which Regina has yet become adept at remembering to keep well stocked. Why bother to buy things with which to stock it, after all, when all she has to do is think of whatever delight they choose and it's theirs for the taking? If only Emma and Henry would see reason and let her use her gifts!

"Okay," Emma finally relents. She stands erect, and Regina will be damned if the woman doesn't twist her hips every step of the way as she's moving away from the refrigerator and back toward the living room. She stops beside her and grins at the barely contained anger flushing the formerly evil Queen's face. "Just don't be long, okay?" she asks, and before Regina can say or do anything else, she's clamped a hand around the back of her neck and is hungrily kissing away the rest of Regina's control.

She pushes against her, but Emma stands firm. Her tongue reaches all the way into her mouth, driving Regina's senses wild. She keeps deepening in their kiss, pouring in passion and fire until Regina finally snaps.

Regina shoves against her, forcing her mouth to break from hers. "Marry me." She's planned this moment for months, and yet, now that it's here, she's ruining it! The words that are supposed to be so romantic came out sounding like a demand, not a request to make her the happiest woman in Storybrooke and finally fulfill her happy ending.

Emma blinks. "Excuse me?" she asks, cocking her head slightly to one side, a habit she inherited from her annoying mother who's haunted Regina's life for so long.

She wants to scream. Regina fights to remain calm as she descends onto one knee, determined to do this thing the right way. She kneels before the Savior, something she'd never consider doing for any one but Emma and Henry. "Marry me?" This time, it does come out as a humble request.

Emma blinks, then grins. Where's the ring? she wants to ask, but she, too, has been planning this moment for so long. She doesn't want to mess it up now! "Hum, Regina," she asks, her smile trembling as she fights to keep from laughing, "aren't you forgetting something?"

"I'm probably forgetting a dozen things! I had everything planned, Swan, until you got home early and ruined it all!" she snaps.

"I'm sorry," she relents earnestly. "I'll tell you what. I'll go get that bath, and you can come after me and do whatever you planned on doing. We'll pretend this never happened."

She skirts around her, making Regina want to growl. She stands quickly, lightly dusting off her skirt, but turns after her retreating form. "Aren't you going to at least give me an answer?" she questions.

Emma turns back to her with a wide grin and a playful wink. "I'll give you an answer," she returns, "when you ask properly."

Regina's yell of frustration rings throughout the house, chasing Emma up the stairs, but she doesn't slow until she's safely in their room and the door's shut behind her. Then, her eyes dancing and her heart leaping for joy, she snags her cell phone and quickly dials their son. "It worked!" she exclaims the very moment he answers.

"What worked, Mom?"

"The plan of course!"

"She asked you?!"

"Not yet. Not exactly any way," she says, wriggling her nose, "but at this rate, we'll be engaged by the time you come home tonight. Operation Proposal is a success!"

"YES!" Henry crows inside of her ear.

Emma can hear Regina stomping around in the kitchen below and knows she'd best hurry. She's tried her patience too much already. "Just remember to act surprised when you get home," she adds quickly.

"I will!"

"But I've got to go now, Henry! I love you, kid!"

"I love you too, Mom! Both of you!"

Emma's beaming as she swiftly strips out of her clothes and lets them hit the floor. She makes a loud splash as she almost dives into the tub. She's munching innocently on an apple slice when Regina enters with a tray carrying more cheese, oysters, and two champagne glasses. Emma shuts her eyes quickly as she turns around to face her. She's clearly still frustrated and must have opted to leave the rest of their meal in the kitchen.

Regina sits the tray of oysters within Emma's easy reach, then pours their glasses. Emma acts as though she's just waking from a catnap when Regina presses the glass in her hand. Regina kneels behind her, once more getting on her knees, and starts to massage her bare, wet shoulders. "Eat," she orders in a hiss, and if her caresses are a little too rough, Emma says nothing of it.

Instead, she lifts the nearest oyster. She immediately sees the shining sparkle of the ring. Her breath catches in a gasp but she nibbles the oyster before speaking. "Now," Regina asks, forcing herself to sound calm as Emma finally lifts the ring, "will you marry me?"

Emma grins widely as Regina maneuvers to her side. "I thought you'd never ask!"

"Swan!" Regina exclaims and slaps the water, splashing her with water and bubbles.

Emma laughs but catches her hand. She looks with true calmness and joy into her girlfriend's angry gaze. She holds onto her and gazes into her dark eyes until, finally, Regina's anger begins to slip away again. "Of course I'll marry you, Regina," she says at last, pulling her close and kissing her deeply, sweetly, and passionately as they finally make their dreams come true.

The End
Tags: birthday fics, ouat: regina/emma
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