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Title: Culmination
Author: Kat Lee
Fandom: Saved by the Bell
Character/Pairing: Slater/Jessi
Rating: R/M
Challenge/Prompt: smallfandomflsh #179: Puissant
Warning(s): Future Fic
Word Count: 1,033
Date Written: 18 July, 2016
Disclaimer: All characters within belong to their rightful owners, not the author, and are used without permission.

It's been hard, but he's kept his word to her. He's never once tried to pressure her into doing anything she hasn't wanted to do, or breaking any vows to herself that she has made. It's been hard for her too, he knows, for he's had to stop her before himself and remind her of the promise she made so long ago to make her future, she thought, secure. She knows he's not the kind of guy to love a girl and leave her after getting the thing that's all that most other guys want. He loves Jessi. He has since they were in high school together, and nothing's ever going to change the way he feels about her, even if he has to struggle to make her believe him sometimes.

But everything culminated today. Today, he said words he's been planning for years to express feelings he knows will never change. He knows the way she feels for him also will never change, even if he did sometimes have his doubts until she let him slip his ring onto her finger today. They won't be like other couples. They won't divorce after months or even years. What they share is meant to be eternal.

They've never been like other couples. He beat more than one stupid boy back in high school for calling his girl names and making fun of their relationship. She's denied it, but he knows she also had a few faces to slap. He was the star jock and she the embodiment of everything intellectual back in school, but somehow, they've managed to make it work. Somehow, they never quit on each other for long, and they'll never quit again.

Now, at last, is the time to culminate everything these years together have been building toward. Now, at last, he can kiss her and never have to stop. Now he can really show her just how much he loves her and put into action all those moves he's seen in magazines and on TV that other guys have already tried. He could have tried them on other women, but the only one he's ever truly wanted is Jessi.

But she's looking at him funny, and the expression in her eyes is making his nerves grow raw. She's beautiful, more beautiful than he ever fantasized, but she's gawking at him. What's wrong with him? he wonders fearfully. He's never exposed himself to any one like this before, but he has looked at himself in the mirror. He can see why the chicks used to flock to him, why they used to try to push him away from Jessi, why he had to turn down almost every cheerleader who ever attended Bayside High while they were there.

But what he doesn't see is any reason for Jessi to look at him like she's now staring at him. "J-Jess?" he finally manages to find his voice to ask. He wets his lips, throat suddenly so dry he feels like he could drink a gallon of water. "Momma?" He hates that squeak in his voice.

She shakes her head slowly, her lips open to say something, but she still doesn't speak. He almost asks her if there's something wrong with him, but he manages to stop himself just in time. He's A.C. Slater. Nothing's wrong with him! "What's wrong?"

Jessi shakes her head again. He loves the way her long hair shimmies against her bare back. He loves the look of her full breasts in the flickering light of the candles he lit for them while she was in the bathroom. He can't focus on either, however, for the way she keeps staring at him and his own eyes keep darting back to her shocked gaze.

"N-Nothing," she finally whispers, and he feels a wave of relief wash over him.

"But then why . . . ?" he starts to puzzle aloud, but she stops him in a husky whisper full of need and desire.

She's still shaking her head, but now he's coming to understand that it's in awe, not shock. "Puissant," she whispers, and he vaguely recalls that that was her word of the day one day last week. He doesn't, however, remember what it means.


"You're magnificent," she explains, still whispering and starting to come forward, "mighty, wonderful . . . " She'd always known he would be big, but she'd never thought that he would be this big.

He blushes but grins, and his dimples shine in the candlelight. "We finally did it, didn't we?" she asks breathlessly as he moves forward to meet her in the center of their room.

He nods as they reach each other. "We did. I love you, Jess."

"I love you, Slater." She's beaming at him, gazing down at him from underneath her eyelashes with such an awed look that he finally understands what Kelly used to mean when she said that Zack looked at her like she was his entire world. This woman is his entire world, and he hopes his gaze tells him the same that hers is telling him.

Her fingertips reach out and touch him. He jumps slightly as they slide along the side of his staff. Then her fingernails graze his sensitive skin just as gently as he reaches with one hand for her breasts and the other for her beautiful, smiling face. "You're mine," she whispers proudly.

He understands that pride for he's every bit as proud to call her his. Yet, despite not having acted all the way on their feelings until now, he knows the truth even in this heated moment with the love of his life. As he cups her face and draws his thumb softly across her cheek, he steps forward and fills her hands. Her gasp of delight thrills him. His thumb brushes across her beaming lips as his other hand strokes her tightening breasts.

She catches the moment to kiss his thumbpad, and he almost cums when she gently squeezes his staff in her eagerness. Still, he takes the time to remind her softly, "I always have been and always will be," and then, they make their dreams come true.

The End
Tags: saved bt bell: slater/jessi
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