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Releasing the Beast

Title: Releasing the Beast
Author: Kat Lee
Fandom: X-Men
Character/Pairing: Bank (Bobby/Hank)
Rating: PG-13/T
Challenge/Prompt: 1_million_words Number Challenge: 59
Warning(s): None
Word Count: 1,499
Date Written: 10 July, 2016
Disclaimer: All characters within belong to Marvel Comics and Disney, not the author, and are used without permission.

The package is only fifty nine cents. It's small but the perfect size for slipping, unnoticed, into the mansion. Bobby grins, examines the contents closer, and quickly makes the purchase. He's slipping it into an inside pocket on his brown jacket just as Hank returns to his side. He pushes it down and turns to greet his boyfriend.

Hank's sniffing the air. "That's . . . unusual," he murmurs. "I have not smelled that particular aroma since my last time with the Avengers. Tigra was particularly fond of . . . " His blue eyes fall on the clearance rack behind Bobby. "Catnip!" he almost yelps.

Bobby's closing his jacket when Hank grabs his arm. "Come along, Robert. We don't want any of their particular merchandise."

"Yeah, a good day to you too, bub!" the cart's attendant calls after them, but Hank doesn't slow. He steers Bobby expertly through the crowd of shoppers, out of the mall, and back into the warm glow of the Summer sun. He loses the scent in the myriad of other aromas outside.

There's a hotdog vendor selling wieners with all their toppings not far from them. Hank orders one with everything plus extra ketchup and onions. Bobby raises a single brow at the order but declines when Hank asks him if he would like one. He watches Big Blue, in his human form thanks to his image inducer, sniff the dog carefully before finally beginning to devour it.

He knows Hank wouldn't approve of what he's got in his pocket, but it doesn't matter what his boyfriend thinks. The item isn't intended for him. He bought it for Jezebell, and he knows she'll have fun with it. Still, he finds Hank's behavior odd as, after finishing his hot dog, he resumes steering him through the crowd and heads, this time, for the park.

They have a good hour before their movie begins, so they take their time ambling through the park. Bobby notes the way Hank tenses every time a dog runs pass them. Rather the animal is after a Frisbee or out for a walk, their presence never goes unnoticed. They pass a group of teenagers playing ball before Hank comments softly, "You're rather quiet today, Robert."

Bobby shrugs. "Not much to say, I guess," he replies nonchalantly. "Just enjoying the downtime while it lasts."

"Ah." Hank nods, and Bobby can practically see his pointy ears twitching despite the hologram. "It never lasts long enough, I know, but we must enjoy that which we are allowed to procure."

Bobby sighs. "I just hope we get to see our movie without being interrupted."

"We have certainly waited long enough for this sequel," Hank agrees.

Bobby almost wishes he would vow that their time together would be uninterrupted, but he knows his boyfriend will never attempt to make promises to him which he may be unable to keep. They've both been forced too many times to break their word; they won't do it willingly ever again, let alone to each other. They amble, hand in hand, taking in the views of the park, and soon, it's time to get to the theater.

Some twenty odd minutes later, Bobby sighs in relief as their movie begins. The opening scene quickly has Hank laughing, a deep and throaty sound which Bobby never gets to hear often enough. It doesn't matter where the movie goes from here; what matters is the time they get to spend together and away from the pack and the ongoing struggle to save the world. Bobby pops a handful of popcorn into his movie and chews slowly, savoring each buttery bite but relishing even more the time he's getting holding Hank's furry hand in the dark.

He loses himself quickly in the movie and only stirs out of the script when he hears Hank calling to him, "Bobby? Bobby, do we have any more popcorn?"

Bobby turns the popcorn bucket upside down. "Nope. 'Fraid not, Big Blue. We can go get some in intermission."

"Are you sure?" Hank queries.

"Huh, yeah. You ate the last of it, dude."

"But I smell something . . . " Hank had been peering at the popcorn bucket Bobby held, but now he leans closer and begins to sniff. "Something . . . that . . . that smells so . . . so enticing . . . " His words end in a deep and lustful purr.

"Huh, not popcorn," Bobby answers slowly, watching Hank sniff his arm and trying not to break into giggles as he tickles him. "Not unless it's somebody else's bucket."

"No," responds the Scientist whose intellect is practically legendary. "It's . . . definitely coming . . . from something . . . off of you . . . " He licks his lips. "Are you trying a new cologne?" How had he not noticed this exciting aroma earlier?

"No . . . " Bobby answers. And then he remembers the package he'd bought earlier. The small, green package he'd hidden away into his jacket, which Hank is now beginning to sniff, and whose purchase he had thought wouldn't matter even though Hank had told him, in no uncertain terms before, that he did not want their cat to become a druggie. It was only ground leaves, after all, and all natural. What harm could it be?

Bobby recalls a split second later that marijuana, too, is all natural just as Hank locates the slight bulge in his jacket's pocket. He burrows his nose into his jacket, inhaling deeply, and Bobby hears the telltale rip of his beloved's seat as his claws unsheathe. "Huh, . . . Hank . . . ?"

"Bobby," he's breathing laboriously, "you didn't! Tell me . . . you did . . . not bring . . . catnip to the . . . theater . . . " Bobby jumps high in surprise when Hank's tongue licks his jacket. "You did!" He moans. "Oh, Lord, you did!"

"It's for Jezebell," Bobby squeaks out, backing into his seat. "They say all cats love it! I didn't think it was fair for her to miss out!"

"That, my dearrrest Rrroberrrt," Hank says, purring, "is prrrecisely the prrroblem. All cats do love it!" He burrows his head into Bobby's jacket, his fangs nipping at the thin fabric of his shirt. His whole body is wriggling.

"Sirs," a crisp voice from behind Hank clips, "do I have to remind you that you are in a public place?"

Hank's eyes are showing yellow despite the image inducer. "Oh, buck off!" he snarls at the attendant. "Go bother Susan Jacobs who actually is fornicating two rows down! Bobby," he groans through clenched fangs, "I told you not to buy this stuff!"

"I didn't know it would have this effect on you!" Bobby exclaims.

Hank pounces. Bracing his massive knees on the groaning theater chairs on either side of his boyfriend, he leans forward and nuzzles him. His fangs nip at the buttons of his jacket. "It brings out the more passionate side of every feline, -- mmm -- even lions . . . " He nuzzles him deeper, then leans up and takes his lips with his.

Flash lights are swinging. People are exclaiming. Some are even running for the exit. And then Bobby realizes that he's no longer seeing Hank as the human-looking mutant he once was. He's big, blue, furry, and all over him. His purr resonates in the theater, even drowning out the movie.

He lifts his mouth from his. Grinning, Bobby teases him, "I can't take you anywhere any more."

As the last of the humans flee, Hank's answering grin grows. "Not with catnip, I admit it," he murmurs and then sets to work on Bobby's neck, licking and nipping him, while his claws struggle to push Bobby's jacket off. Bobby's hands slip between them and take out the bag of catnip. He hesitates only a second more, then throws the grass up into the air. It sprinkles down onto Hank's blue fur, wrapping around his senses and making him roar.

Bobby knows the humans will be coming back soon with their guns and cops. He knows the Professor will not approve of their behavior and that they probably will be forbidden from returning to the theater for months. He also knows they're missing the very movie for which they have waited months. But none of that matters.

He arches up against Hank as his boyfriend roars again. When his purring mouth comes crashing down, Bobby's ready and meets him tongue stroke for tongue stroke. He moans his pleasure into his mouth and decides then and there that, regardless of what Hank may have to say about it, he's going to buy lots more catnip in the future! After all, it may make a cat lose his grip, but it's given Bobby a whole new grip on his man and reality as Hank takes him right there in the theater!

The End
Tags: x-men: bobby/hank
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