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His Brother's Birthday

Title: His Brother's Birthday
For: Happy Birthday, jesseofthenorth!
Author: Kat Lee
Fandom: Supernatural
Character/Pairing: Sam, Dean
Rating: G/K
Warning(s): None
Word Count: 813
Date Written: 17 June, 2016
Disclaimer: All characters within belong to Kripke, not the author, and are used without permission.

It's a mix of traditions, really, when Sam lays out the "Indian" blanket he just bought from the last store at which they stopped. Dean's still asleep in the Impala, and Sam glances at him from time to time, making certain he still sees his brother's boots up in her window which means he's still sleeping soundly. He empties the large, brown, and paper bag he picked up from that same station with a grin. Dean had tried his best to drill him full of questions about its contents, but he'd managed to slip out of that place with the blanket and seven different kinds of pies without his brother's knowledge.

He takes a step back and looks at his handiwork when he's done. The pies are displayed on paper plates in a wide circle on top of the fringed blanket. There's chocolate, pecan, apple, lemon, coconut, raspberry, and even blackberry. That store had had the widest arrange of pies Sam's ever seen in a convenience store, and he picked them all up. Still grinning, he heads back to the car.

His smile had vanished by the time he opens the Impala's back door and slips back into her seat. He's still excited, still eager to see his brother's face when he spots the blanket, but he isn't about to clue Dean in yet. He glances at him, but he's still sound asleep. Sam laughs silently, eyes sparkling, as Dean lets rip a snore that rattles his baby's windows.

He gets back into position in her back seat, using his jacket for a pillow, and shuts his eyes. He waits a few minutes to make sure he's calm enough to carry off the surprise without giving himself away, then begins to hum. Dean doesn't stir. Slowly, Sammy cranks up his volume, humming ever louder until he's beginning to consider cranking on the radio.

Finally, Dean snorts. "Sammy, shuddup." In response, Sam hums louder. "Sam," warns Dean. Sam waits a second, then hums even louder.

"Sammy, what the -- ?!" Dean stops, eyes cracking open. Maybe they should've taken the time to get a hotel room, after all, but time, as is usual these days, is of the essence. He doesn't want to pay full price for a room they're only going to be in for a few hours, even if it isn't really his money he's spending. "Why the Hell are you humming the birthday song?" Why the Hell is his little brother humming at all, let alone the freaking birthday song?!

Sam shrugs. "I dunno," he says, hiding his sly grin behind Dean's seat. "Guess I had it in my mind." He pops the door open. "I'm gonna stretch my legs a bit."

He gets out and walks away from the car, his grin growing larger when he hears Dean call out after him, "You left the door open! Sam! You know I can't sleep with the door open!"

Sam keeps walking. Eventually, he hears Dean open his own door and get out to shut his. He waits for him to follow him, but when he hears the driver's door pop open again, he calls out, "Hey, Dean, look at this!"

"What the Hell is it this time?" Dean grumbles loudly, stalking after his brother. Sam can't blame him. The store was the first time they've actually stopped in the last thirty six hours other than for bathroom breaks.

Sam doesn't answer, though. He just keeps walking, leading Dean right to the blanket he's spread out underneath a tree. Reaching the spot, he whirls back around and waits for his brother. His lips twitch, eager to burst back into a smile.

Dean stops within three feet of Sammy, his tired eyes opening. "Sam, what the -- "

And that's when Sammy actually breaks into song. They've never really sang to each other. He can count the time he's heard "Happy Birthday" sung when he wasn't on a case on one hand, but he remembers well the way Amelia made him glow when she sang. As he hits the third line, he steps to the side of the blanket and gestures to all the pies strewn out across it.

He grins at the way Dean's jaw goes slack and finishes the song. He steps over to the shade of the tree and picks up the two sodas he nestled inside its top roots. He pops one open and starts to hand it to his brother, but Dean's hands are full of pie. He waits as Dean snatches a mouth full of one pie and then the next. Through a mouth full of raspberry, he exclaims, grinning, "Best . . . birthday . . . ever!"

Sam's wide grins answers his. In this moment, all the Demons in the world couldn't steal away his joy at watching his brother actually enjoy his birthday again.

The End
Tags: birthday fics, supernatural: dean, supernatural: sam
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