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To Fill Her Hunger

Title: To Fill Her Hunger
Author: Kat Lee
Fandom: Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Character/Pairing: Robin/Faith
Rating: PG-13/T
Challenge/Prompt: 1_million_words Blow Me Away! Challenge: Walking After Midnight
Warning(s): None
Word Count: 1,288
Date Written: 20 June, 2016
Disclaimer: All characters within belong to Whedon, not the author, and are used without permission.

"You're a romantic," she says, flashing him a teasing grin as he steps into place beside her.

He shrugs. "I seem to recall you were only too eager to take me up on my invitation."

He watches her muscles flex as she retaliates while shrugging a single shoulder, "Gotta patrol any way. I never said there was anything special about meeting at midnight."

"Sure there is," he responds with a wide grin. God, the girl's beautiful in the moonlight! But he's not going to let her know she is. He's already figured out that the best way to get to her is to act like she's just another woman when, in truth, she's anything but. He's heard about the men, more often Vampires than not, that flock after the older Slayer. Buffy's a good friend, but how any one can consider Faith the lesser of the two, rather in looks or in skill, is beyond him. The dark-haired, first-to-go-rogue Slayer has got it all, all, he knows, but the capacity to let herself love. He's determined to fix that. "Covens and Councils have been meeting at midnight for centuries."

"We're neither, and we totally kicked the Council's ass."

"So I've heard, but there's power in this hour, Faith. That's why it's used so often and why there are so many spells that designate that they have to be done in the midnight hour."

"Yeah, realms merge, veils thin, yadda, yadda, yadda. I've heard it all from Willow, ya know."

Robin's smile grows. "I know," he answers, but then he notes the way she's stopped walking, is gripping her skate harder, and watching their surroundings more closely. He senses them a second before they attack. He's readying his own stake when she shoves him hard behind her. Buffy's learned to let him fight beside her, even with her, but Faith's first instinct is to push him out of her way and go into battle alone.

Her first instinct, Robin knows, his smile fading, is always to go it alone. There's no denying her beauty or her wildness, he thinks, watching her fight, but there's also no denying that the girl's been hurt. He wonders who hurt her and how. There are so many things he'd like to ask her, but unlike Buffy who's become almost an open book now that they're friends, the girl keeps her past and her emotions sealed tight. She's all about the action, but every now and again, he'll see the flickers of emotions in her dark, beautiful eyes.

There's excitement when she's fighting. She's never more in her element than when she's kicking ass. She loves what she does, and she does it well. He'd hate to pit the two Slayers against each other, but if he had to, he'd lay his money on Faith despite the fact that Buffy's beat her before and has more friends to back her up. The girl just doesn't know when or how to stop. She always keeps going, he's sure, until she gets what she wants.

That applies to everything but what her heart wants the most. He's heard the talk that she has daddy issues. There's never been a mention of her mother which Robin has heard, but he's quite certain that her pain goes beyond her father, beyond her first Watcher, beyond any authoritative figure. He knows they've all hurt her, but her pain runs deeper than that. It runs deeper than any one except maybe that Angel guy knows, including Faith.

He's heard that Angel is the one she was with when she finally broke down before going to jail. He envies the Vamp that, getting to share her most vulnerable moment with this beautiful and deadly woman. He's seen the flickers of emotion in her eyes when she's around the others: the continuing distrust, the warring with herself as to how far to trust them, the expectancy that they're going to turn against her again at any second. She wants to trust them, but with her past, and the way they all treated her before, she doesn't dare.

He's tried to be there for her. He's followed her when she's walked away from Buffy's little group of friends many times. He's tried to talk to her, tried to get her to talk to him, but she never opens up. They usually end up either finding a group of Vampires to fight or making out, but she's never open with him. She's never open with any one, as far as he's seen. But he sees the flickers when they talk. He sees her desire to want to trust him, her uncertainty about their entire relationship, such as it is, and her fear that he's just going to add to her long list of people who have hurt her so badly she dares never to forget. And every time Robin's sworn, and he swears again tonight, he will never hurt her.

She's fighting three at a time, one to each side and one in front of her, as movement to his own side catches his attention. The Vampires aren't studying him. As far as this group is concerned, he's just another human or a Happy Meal with legs as he's heard Buffy's boyfriend put it. He's not important; only she is. At times like this, he couldn't agree more.

He watches her leap into the air and kick all three Vampires before coming back down. Before she lands, she's staked two, and she dives her stake into the third one the second her feet touch the ground. He dives forward and stakes the one who was about to take her from behind. She looks at him as the dust settles around them. There's a smirk on her lovely face but something much deeper in her eyes. She wants to trust him, and he yearns to earn that trust. "I had 'em," she remarks.

"I know," he retaliates, "but I wanted in on the fun, too." He won't point out that she would have been a second too late to fight the Vampire he just killed. She'd just argue with him if he did, and although she's beautiful when she's arguing -- the girl's always beautiful --, he doesn't want to fight with her tonight.

He tucks his stake back into his long jacket and steps up to her. The moonlight caresses her ebony hair and shines on his wide, adoring smile. "It's after midnight," he comments.

"Yeah?" He loves it when she looks at him, really looks at him as she's doing now.

"You still want to patrol?" he asks, reaching out and caressing her cheek softly.

She actually lets herself lean into his touch; his heart goes wild, hammering like crazy in response. "You still wanna walk?" she retorts.

"I can think of . . . " He brushes her upturned, smiling lips with the pad of his thumb. " . . . better things to do."

For the first time, she lets him make the first move. She lets him kiss her first and even slowly, softly deepen their kiss. But then she's backing him up against the nearest wall and tearing at his belt buckle. He moans as his wild beauty kisses him like she's starving. He knows she is starving, and he knows, too, that he won't get to fill all her hunger tonight, but he hopes even as she mounts him that one night, he'll finally get all her answers. He'll finally get to fill her not just her hunger for sex, passion, and friendship but for love as well. He kisses her back with equal hunger and hopes for the night that they'll love each other as equally and deeply as he already loves her.

The End
Tags: btvs: robin/faith
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