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Cloud Nine

Title: Cloud Nine
Author: Kat Lee
For: lotrspnfangirl (Happy Birthday!)
Fandom: Supernatural
Character/Pairing: Dean, Castiel, Sam
Rating: PG/K+
Warning(s): None
Word Count: 994
Date Written: 7 June, 2016
Disclaimer: All characters within belong to Kripke, not the author, and are used without permission.

"Are you sure he'll like this?" Castiel asks for the dozenth time since they moved Dean while he slumbered. Sam swears he can practically hear the Angel's invisible wings fluttering nervously.

He nods again. "I'm sure," he assures. He knows Dean will love it. He might cuss at first -- in fact, he probably will --, and he might even spook in the beginning, but he'll quickly come to love it. After all, how many times has he heard his brother rave that some little thing like a piece of pie has taken him to Cloud Nine? It's about time he actually lived the experience, and they have just the means to make it happen.

Dean grunts, snorts, and slaps at his face as a white wisp passes over it. Castiel and Sam both look back at him. "He's waking," the Angel points out as though Sam can't see it for himself.

"Where's the pie?" the younger Winchester ask.

"Right here."

"We need milk."

Sam takes the large piece of Dean's favorite pie that's being thrust at him. Castiel vanishes and reappears a second later with a large glass of cold, white milk. "This drink is quite refreshing," he comments approvingly with a grin.

Sam doesn't comment. He just grabs the milk and angles in for Dean. "On the count of three," he directs after a moment. "One . . . Two . . . Thr--"

Dean's snort breaks through mid-snore. His eyes pop open, and he looks at the faces peering so intently at him. "What?" he demands. "Can't a guy catch a few z's? Don't tell me the apocalypse is happening again." He groans softly and rubs a hand over his tired face.

"Not on Cloud Nine," Sam comments, unable to keep the grin from his face.

"Sam," Dean demands, lifting his fingers and giving his little brother a look that clearly says how stupid he thinks the younger man is being, "what the Hell are you talking about?"


"Now what?" asks Castiel.

Sam hears his wings fluttering again but breaks into song. "Happy Birthday to you!"

Castiel quickly joins in. "Happy Birthday to you!"

"Happy Birthday to you, Dean!" They're finally in unison. "Happy Birthday to you!"

Dean grunts, clearly unimpressed. "Well," he says after a moment with both Sam and Castiel watching him expectantly, "if it's my birthday, I'm going back to bed."

"After you have your pie," Sam says quickly and adds him the pie.

"You remembered! But how the Hell did you get to Oklahoma so fast with us being in -- ?" He breaks himself off and answers his own question, glancing at Castiel, "Of course. Angel transportation." He finally breaks into a wide grin as he opens the pie. "Thanks, guy," he says around the gooey mouthful.

"That's not all," Castiel says, practically wriggling like a puppy.

"Wait for it," Sam mutters out of the corner of his mouth. He hands Dean the glass of milk when his brother tries to talk but can't make himself understandable for the pie still sticking in his mouth.

Dean drinks a long swallow of chilled milk. Then, upon his lowering the glass, his eyes dart back and forth between his Angelic friend and brother. "What are you two up to?" he finally asks.

"Cloud Nine," Castiel bursts out before Sam can stop him. He beams eagerly at Dean.

"What do you mean -- ?" Dean starts to ask, then finally gets a good look at their surroundings. "Hey, where are we? Where's the hotel?" His eyes narrow suspiciously. "What did you two get into now while I was asleep?"

Sam takes a step back and nods at Castiel. He echoes with a mischievous grin, "Cloud Nine."

Dean takes a long, slow look around them. Sure enough, there are no walls, ceiling, or floor around them. Baby's not in sight, either, but there are clouds and blue sky stretching for as far as he can see. Yet he's still sitting on the hotel bed. He peeks over the edge of the bed, jumps, and hisses a cuss word.

"It's all right, Dean," assures Castiel, edging closer with a cautious smile.

Dean again peeks over the bed. Slowly, carefully, he swings his feet over its side but doesn't dare to try to stand yet -- even though his brother's clearly been walking on the empty air. He pokes at a cloud with his bare foot, then at another one. Finally, he attempts to press both feet down on top of the clouds.

"It's okay," Sam assures him. "We're not gonna fall."

"How . . . ?" Dean asks, looking up at his grinning brother. He hasn't seen Sam smile so big since they were little.

"Angel magic."

Dean moves one foot forward, then the other. He puts the pie down and passes his milk to Sammy. Slowly, still holding on to the bed, he begins to stand, and his feet don't fall out from underneath him. He takes a few more cautious steps along the side of the bed before finally letting it go. He steps harder, heavier. The clouds wrap around him like a soft blanket, but they do not give way.

Finally, he turns to Castiel. "Thanks!" he says, beaming. "This has got to be the most inventive birthday present ever!" His grin grows wider as he takes a few more steps. "And coolest!"

"Happy Birthday, Dean!" Castiel beams happily.

Dean turns his grin onto his brother. "And I know just who thought of this too, Sammy. You wait 'til your birthday comes!" he warns teasingly.

Sam just grins back in response. "Happy Birthday, Dean," he says, and Dean nods.

They don't speak it out loud, but they both know this is the first birthday Dean's actually gotten to enjoy in too many years. He clasps his best friends to him and hugs them each in turn. "Thanks, guys," he says again, and then he whoops and begins jumping and break dancing on Cloud Nine.

The End
Tags: birthday fics, supernatural: castiel, supernatural: dean, supernatural: sam
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