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Old Catwoman Stories

Title: "Catwoman Strikes Again"
Author: Pirate Turner
Rating: G
Disclaimer: All recognizable characters, names, codenames, places, items, fandoms, titles, and etc. are always © & TM their respective owners, not the author, and are used without permission. Any and all original characters and everything else is © & TM the author and may not be reproduced in any way without the author's express, written permission. The author makes absolutely no profit off of this work of fan fiction, and no copyright infringement is intended.

They gasped as they rounded the corner. "But -- But we just opened!"

"Actually, we're not even open yet. Terri's just went to unlock the doors."

"Poor Terri!"

"We'll never see her again!"

"But-*how did she do it so fast?"

"Why us?"

"We're not the only store she hits. I've heard she does it to PetSmart, Petco, Pic and Save, even Winn Dixie, anywhere that has what she wants."

"Man, she must have a lot of cats!"

"She is called the Catwoman!"

"Well, yeah, but still, to steal this much catfood every night?"

"We might as well just stop trying to sell it."

"And what? Just give it to her?"

"Well, no, but if we stop having it, she'll stop robbing us."

"No, then, she'll just take the diamonds and money."
"She's actually left them alone the last three nights."

"You're kidding!"


"So she's just after the catfood?"

"Meow." Turning tail, the workers ran for their very lives.

The End

Title: "Catwoman"
Author: Pirate Turner
Rating: G
Warnings: None
Disclaimer: Catwoman is © & TM DC comics, not the author, and is used without permission. Everything else is © & TM the author. The author makes absolutely no profit off of this work of fan fiction, and no copyright infringement is intended.

They circled all around her,
Prancing and dancing all about
Until, to the untrained eye,
They became but one
Beautiful blur of fur
Every color imaginable,
But to her, each cat remained
A distinct feline with their own
Story, likings, dislikings, and,
Most importantly of all, needs.

They twirled all about,
Mewing for attention,
Love, affection, and so much more that
Normal humans would never hear until
Their cries became her cry,
Their roars her roar,
Their fury her fury.

She prowls through the night,
Seeking to make right what is wrong
With them always at her side,
Spurring her on,
Giving her love, strength, and cause,
Giving her life,
And in return,
She gives them all
That she possesses
For she is their mother
And she loves them all.
She is the Catwoman,
And they are her children,
Her constant companions,
Her army, her cats, her babies.

She is the Catwoman,
And they are everything to her.

The End

Title: "Catwoman's Promise"
Author: Pirate Turner
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: Selina "Catwoman" Kyle is © & TM DC Comics and is used without permission. All other characters and everything else is © & TM Pirate Turner. The author makes absolutely no profit off of this work of fan fiction.

She swiftly dropped behind them, landing on silent feet in a cattish crouch. She straightened, standing erect, and snuck out her whip before asking in an ice cold tone, "What have we here?"

The three male teens instantly turned to look at her, and their mouths fell open in shock. The guy who had been in the lead of chasing the poor kitten with the cans strung around its neck licked his lips. "Well, boys, looky what we have here."

"J-J-Jay..." the blonde one stammered out, his eyes as wide and round as saucers. "Th-Th-That's the Catwoman!"

"Shut up, idiot," the one called Jay snapped angrily. "I know who she is!"

"But do you know what you are?" Catwoman finally spoke up in a deadly tone. He looked at her, completely puzzled; she let him stare for one heartbeat of a second before her whip snaked out, wrapping around his throat. She yanked him to her even as his hands clawed at the whip in a desperate attempt to free himself. "You're a heartless, little bastard who takes pleasure out of torturing innocents who can do nothing to help themselves, but you're also an idiot for you failed to remember that all animals, especially cats, are under my protection," she hissed directly into his face, her emerald eyes glowing with her fury. She yanked her whip harder, tightening it even more around his throat until he could not breathe.

The sharp claws in her gloves and boots extended, and her left foot kicked out, raking claws across the leader's forehead and leaving bloody scratches in its wake. Her right foot pressed into his back, forcing him to the ground. She unwrapped her whip from around his neck, scratching his cheek as she did so. Her free hand took the place of her whip as she stepped off of him; she then raised his quivering body and threw him after the more muscular one of his two buddies, knocking both to the ground. On swift feet, she chased after the blonde but did not have far to go as her whip soon reached him, lashing his back three times before he made his escape. She turned just in time to see the other two running away but decided to let them go. "LET THAT BE A LESSON TO YOU, BRATS! HARM AN ANIMAL, IN ANY WAY, AND THE CATWOMAN WILL FIND YOU!"

Even as she returned her whip to its hiding place, Catwoman turned, her emerald green eyes searching for the poor kitten. She found it cowering inside a turned-over trashcan. She kneeled before the trashcan and reached into it with gentle hands and a reassuring smile on her face. "Here, little one. I'd never harm you," she spoke to it in a reassuring, calm voice. The kitten let her pick it up, and she brought it out. With the gentle hands of a mother, Catwoman took the string of cans off from around the poor kitten's neck, then ran her hands softly over its dirty fur. She closed her eyes against the sympathetic pain she felt for the poor baby as she found several broken ribs. She stood carefully up with it, nestling it against her bosom as she did so. "I'll get you the help you need, little one, and I'll never let anything else harm you. I promise," Catwoman whispered softly to the kitten, meaning every word she spoke, and she would keep her promise, regardless of what their future might hold.

The End

Title: "Her Purrfect Family"
Author: Pirate Turner
Rating: PG
Warnings: Poetry, Het
Disclaimer: Selina "Catwoman" Kyle and Bruce "Batman" Wayne are © & TM DC comics, not the author, and are used without permission. Everything else is © & TM the author. The author makes absolutely no profit off of this work of fan fiction, and no copyright infringement is intended.

Night calls her friend.
Day sees a different side of her,
More human, more woman
Than cat.

Citizens fear her.
The police and the Batman hunt her.
But others call her name,
And those are the ones who matter to her.

They slink out of shadows,
Crawl away from dangers innumerable,
Run to her safety from horrors
The humans could only imagine.

They, too, call her friend,
But Mother is also her name,
She who finds them,
She who protects them,
She who would give her life
To save them.

They come to her in ones and twos.
They flock to her in groups, herds, and kaboodles.
They seek her shelter, her refuge, and,
Most of all, her love.

They are her cats, and her children.
They are her friends and allies.
They are her family,
And in their loving, purring midst, she knows
She needs no other.

Let the Bat continue being the stickler
For law and order that he is.
She does not need him,
Neither as Selina nor as the Catwoman.

The two faces she wears
Are two sides of the same coin,
Two halves of her one whole.
Once she craved love for both.
Now she has found it,
And it has left her with no need of the outside world
Save the jewels and monies she can gleam from it.

She is the Catwoman
In every sense of the word,
And the cats are her family,
Greeting her always with love, acceptance, understanding,
And, rarely, when she needs it, reassurance.

They are her family.
They are the ones she lives for.
She is the Catwoman.
They are her children,
And she needs no other.

Humans are their enemies,
And the Bat their greatest threat.
Next time, she purrs a promise
While rubbing her head lovingly
Against her favorite baby's,
Next time he breaks a date,
Tells another lie, or otherwise
Tries to come between her babies and herself,
Next time she will unsheathe her claws
And the Bat will become a mouse.

She murmurs, grinning,
As she runs her tongue over her lips
And adds with mischief sparking in her green eyes,
A rather tasty mouse at that!

The End

Title: "Yowling Grieving"
Author: Pirate Turner
Dedicated To: My beloved Midnight and Fonzie, whom I shall always miss and love
Rating: PG-13
Warning: Drabblish
Word Count: 167
Date Written: 11 April, 2012
Disclaimer: Selina "Catwoman" Kyle is © & TM DC comics, not the author, and is used without permission. Everything else is © & TM the author. The author makes absolutely no profit off of this work of fan fiction, and no copyright infringement is intended.

She wants only to be forgiven as tears streak down her forlorn face and she bends over the knife. It's the knife she used do the unthinkable, but there was no other way. They may have been able to live, but if they had, they would have only continued be racked by the pain engulfing them until the disease had claimed their lives as well. What they had was not life but a slow, cruel Hell from which she freed them.

She sobs. She yowls. She cries. She thinks of thrusting the knife through her own heart, but it is the babies still living and twining around her shaking body that gives the Catwoman the strength to pull through so that she may rescue other lives before it is too late for them as well. And as she cries and her cats edge the knife out of her hands to fall harmlessly beside her knees, Selina realizes it's not forgiveness she wants. It's just her babies back.

The End

She was never alone. Selina was reminded too vividly of that fact as she stripped away blood-soaked bandages in the solitude of her latest apartment. Cats mewled about her feet, each meowing because of their concern for her, but they were not her only companions. Batman had left her too near to death for comfort as he had chased after the villains that had attacked Gotham, making it far too clear to Selina where his true priorities lay.

She had barely been able to walk, but her cats had come for her as always. Two tigers had supported her back to the building while the other big cats, lions, jaguars, and even a black panther, had kept the other denizens of Gotham who thought her weak enough to attack far at bay. She had not been supposed to be aware of their battles in the war-torn city on their way home, but she had. She had known every time her babies had struck and every time they had been struck and hated Bruce Wayne more with every time one of her furchildren was touched.

He shouldn't have left her, but he always left her. He left her in restaurants and theaters when Gotham needed her but they were supposed to be on dates. He left her alone on buildings when he didn't like what she had to say or didn't want to be bothered with her for some other reason. He left her behind bars far too often and easily.

She growled as she let the bandages fall to the floor. An ocelot held a bottle of peroxide out to her, its white cap clenched in her dangerous teeth. Selina thanked her baby and set to applying the medicine while still trying to ignore the others around her. She would never ignore her babies, but as many as were alive around her, there were still other beings hovering nearby.

She saw the shadows every time she felt herself to be alone. They flickered in and out of her vision, reminding her she never walked alone. Her parents were there, caring for her more than death, ironically enough, than they ever had in life. Her parents could get fucked, but there were others there who called to her far more greatly. Her mentors, other girls she had known her age, younger girls whom she had failed to protect, her babies who had died and gone on before her . . . They were all there, always there, lurking just off in the shadows and waiting for death to come and take her to join them.

She ached sometimes to be with them, especially the precious felines whom she had lost, but it wasn't happening yet. "Not tonight." Her babies mewed. A lion roared. Selina downed the whiskey Onyx brought her and rebandaged herself yet again. Then she laid in bed with her babies pressed all around her, all their glowing, green eyes intently watching the shadows until they fled again with the morning sun.

The End
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