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Kat Lee

What A Wolf!

Title: What a Wolf!
Author: Kat Lee
Fandom: Once Upon A Time
Character/Pairing: Red/Snow, Granny, Red, Grumpy, hinted other Red pairings, OMC
Rating: PG-13/T
Challenge/Prompt: 1_million_words Number Challenge: 86
Warning(s): None
Word Count: 1,019
Date Written: 6 June, 2016
Disclaimer: All characters within belong to their rightful owners, not the author, and are used without permission.

Every one in the diner looks up as the little bed and breakfast's front door bangs open. A gust of wind rushes in, stirring Sneezy's allergies and making him sneeze, but it's not what opened the door. The creature bows his head in order to keep from hitting it on the roof as he enters the diner. "What're you all looking at? I've come to get my due. Feed me, wenches," he demands, eyeing the two solitary women behind the counter.

The diner shakes with every step the man takes. He looks like a normal man except for his extraordinary height and the fact that, as Grumpy would say, he looks like he's been walloped extra good with the ugly stick. But the hairs are standing up on Granny's arms. She knows this is no ordinary man.

Most of the Dwarfs scurry out of the way of the stranger. Only Grumpy stands his ground or, rather, keeps his seat. He watches the whisky splash in his mug with every step the stranger takes. Granny comes to stand on the other side of the counter from where the man's walking up right beside the Dwarf.

She rolls her sleeves up as she eyes the stranger. His slimy hair hangs low in his eyes, and there's something odd about his skin, almost like the Dark One's from back before they were all cursed. But he's not the Dark One. Rumplestiltskin is far too busy with Belle these days to cause trouble. This . . . thing is something else entirely.

The old woman sniffs the air, and her eyes flash with recognition as thunder rumbles outside. "I think you should leave." She chooses her words nicely for the sake of business, but her tone leaves no mistaking that the man, such as he is, is not welcome in her establishment.

"What?" the stranger demands. Grumpy waves away the stench of his breath, but Granny stands her ground. She doesn't budge from the other side of the counter, but her eyes do narrow to dangerous slits. "You wait on Evil Queens and Sorcerers, weak scum like these Dwarfs -- "

"Watch it, pal," Grumpy growls, putting his mug down from having just taken a swallow. All he wanted was a quiet drink before working in the mines all day, but his evening isn't turning out that way.

"You watch it, meal," the guy retorts.

Grumpy turns around and glowers up at him, but before he can move, Granny speaks, "Red, 86 this guy."

"With pleasure." Red's words end in a growl as her eyes transform to a primal yellow. She knows the man isn't human, no more so than most of the rest of the people gathered in the diner. She isn't human, and her lupine nose picked up the former Ogre's scent long before he entered their establishment. She'd thought he would just keep on walking by. None of them had been stupid enough so far to intrude into their diner, but of course, this idiot had to be the exception to the rule.

The Ogre throws back his head and laughs. The windows rattle so that patrons move away from them, afraid they might break. Every eye in the place is now glued to the man and the girl with whom most of them have flirted every day for the last several years.

"What are you going to do, puny -- "

Red doesn't bother to answer with words. She couldn't even if she wanted to, because her transformation is happening swiftly. Granny moves. Red barrels over the bar and straight into the Ogre. She hits him so hard and fast that she sends them both flying out the door. She hears the wood splinter behind her and is barely aware that Granny might dock her paycheck. It's the last clear thought she has before her primal instincts take over.

She's still in control enough not to kill the Ogre, but she rips into his shoulder, taking a huge gash and spitting out the flesh that stinks as badly as the rest of the beast does. He yowls in pain, writhes and struggles against her, and finally manages to break loose. He tosses her back toward the diner and takes off running in the opposite direction.

The wolf lifts her head and howls. The long, piercing song echoes into the diner and through the town. Then she takes off running after the Ogre.

Inside the diner, Grumpy silently goes back to sipping his drink, and Granny calmly returns to her waiting customers. A few of the patrons slip out of the splintered door. Doc and Happy walk over to examine the door to see what they can do to fix it so Granny can close up when the time comes.

"What a woman!" The doctor isn't alone in his observation.

Hook flashes him a grin from behind the rim of his silver flask. "What a wolf," he corrects. He's seen the girl in action before and can just imagine how wild she'd be in bed. If he wasn't so attracted to the town's Sheriff, he might follow her tonight himself.

Several of the men murmur their agreements as do a few of the women, as well, but only one rises to her feet. Mary Margaret slips out of the diner largely unnoticed. Those who see her go think she's just heading home, but once outside in the night, Snow lifts her head and smiles. Her eyes sparkle with anticipation as the wind blows her short hair.

The men don't realize just how very right they are! She spies Red's tracks immediately and sets out, following them. Her dearest friend is one heck of a woman, a wild wolf, and much, much more. The storm is rising. Rain begins to patter her skin, but she doesn't care. She's on the trail of a wolf, and tonight is going to be very wild indeed. She hears Red howl up ahead in the distance and quickens her step. Who knew an Ogre could cause so much fun? She smiles, laughs, and hurries after her wolf.

The End
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