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Kat Lee

Their Future Paradise

Title: Their Future Paradise
Author: Kat Lee
Fandom: California Dreams
Character/Pairing: Jake/Lorena
Rating: PG-13/T
Challenge/Prompt: smallfandomflsh #175: Gaucherie
Warning(s): None
Word Count: 1,185
Date Written: 31 May, 2016
Disclaimer: All characters within belong to their rightful owners, not the author, and are used without permission.

"JAKE!" Lorena screeches as he brings them to an abrupt stop in front of the school. She jumps off of his bike, looks at her new dress, and begins ripping into him in Spanish. Jake sighs, removes his helmet, and looks at her. Her dress is still pretty. She's still so beautiful that her beauty literally hurts at times. But there's a grease spot the size of a dime on the bottom of her short, red skirt.

"Sorry, babe," he says, smiling, as he cuts the engine off. He'll recrank in a moment and park, but he knows he's not getting away from her so easily. Knowing his girlfriend, she'll follow him through the morning traffic all the way to his spot, still cussing at him in Spanish because of that grease.

People are starting to look. The Principal especially is glowering. He knows the old man doesn't like him parking in front of the school, but his bike's not going anywhere yet. Jake leisurely swings his long legs over his motorcycle and hops off. His cool eyes turn hard as he glowers at the other students and faculty alike. Even the Principal swallows hard and scurries away.

And yet, still, throughout all of this, Lorena is continuing to cuss his carelessness for the grease on her new dress. He doesn't speak much of her native language, but he does understand a few words. She might actually anger him if he wasn't so accustomed to her. She's a feisty beauty. He loves that about her, and he's learned to take her gaucherie attitude in stride.

"Lorena -- " he tries to cut in to her tirade as he steps closer to her, but she just keeps talking. She's still yelling when he cups his hands around her beautiful, hot face. She's still cussing when he angles his mouth over hers. He stops her in mid-syllable, his lips touching down on hers and his tongue slipping between her feisty teeth.

She doesn't bite him today, and he wonders if that's really because he's surprised her or because there are still a few people watching them. He moves her head slightly so that he can look pass her. Another glower sends the last few stragglers running into the school. The first warning bell chimes, but Jake only deepens the kiss.

His eyes turn back to his girlfriend's face. He kisses her harder and with more passion until the anger fades from her glaring eyes and they drift shut instead. He kisses her longer still, stepping up to her until there's no space left between them and the grease on her dress rubs partially off onto his old, blue jeans.

The second warning bell chimes. Still, Jake doesn't let up. Neither he nor Lorena are that concerned with school, not like Tiffani and Mark. He'd much rather run away with her on the back of his bike than ever set foot into the building again, but he knows his mom wants a proper education for him. It's also not something he would deny his sweet and fiery girl, so eventually, slowly, with the final ring of the bell, Jake lifts his head.

Lorena breathes unsteadily. He grins, his eyes spark teasingly at her, but then he makes a mistake. "What were you saying?" he asks.

She hesitates just a moment more, still gasping softly for oxygen after their long, heated kiss, but then she sees the teasing light in his dark eyes. "Jake Somers," she starts again, and her Spanish raises as shrill as the bell.

His fingers press harder into her tender cheeks. He slams his mouth quickly back down upon hers. His tongue expertly silences her Spanish, and this time, it's met by her tongue, twisting and turning around his. He moans. She moans, and they melt together. He's still holding on to her and kissing her madly when the late bell chimes.

They'll have to get excuses now to get into their classes, but he couldn't care less. All he wants to do is stand here today, hold her tightly to her, and kiss her senseless. At least, though, he's already accomplished the last as he slowly peels his mouth from hers. Her forehead leans against his. This time, she's breathing hard as both their eyes sparkle.

He knows he could very easily risk her away onto his bike. They could spend all day making love, and there's nothing either of them would like to do more. He could feel every inch of her silky hair against every inch of his hard body. The whole world could go on without them, and their world could exist of only the two of them in their own paradise easily for the next ten or so hours.

No one could have any demands on them. Lorena's fingers curl around the lapel of his black leather jacket. What she breathes in Spanish this time is far different than what she was yelling at him moments before. She yanks his mouth back down to hers. Her passion sends waves of ecstasy crashing throughout his body and soul.

His hands grip her hard, pulling her as close as a second skin to him. Only their clothes remain in the way. His fingers press hard against the slip of multicolored cloth that is her new dress, aching in their need to rip it from her flesh. "Lorena," he breathes, forcing himself to rip his mouth from hers again. "You'd better go, or we'll be in trouble again."

"I want to go," she whispers, her breath hot against his upturned lips, "but not in there."

"Later," he promises, "tonight," and forces himself to push her away from him. She hesitates one more second, standing on the steps and nibbling at her own bottom lip where she can still taste him. Passion roars inside him hotter and angrier than any bike he's ever ridden. God, how he wants to ride her! But he has to let her go. They have to do this right.

He has to do this right. He can't keep any promise of a bright future from her, and their education is supposed to give them that. He doesn't think it will, but that's his own thoughts on the matter. He won't stand between her and her future. He forces himself to turn and walk, stiff as he is, back to his bike. He forces himself to ride away, his only comfort being the thought that he will have her again tonight. He will have her paradise again tonight for she is definitely his paradise.

Lorena watches him go, smiling and still holding to his lingering taste on her lips. Her face is flushed, but her dark eyes sparkle with more knowledge than Jake understands. She knows he thinks they have to do this so that she'll have a future, but she already has a bright future. He is her future, and her paradise, and she so loves his ways of shutting her up. She giggles, spins around, and almost dances her way into school, already planning her next Spanish diva torrent.

The End
Tags: california dreams: jake/lorena
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