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We have gone out every single day of our vacation. Even if when we discuss wanting to stay home, there’s always something that wants to pull us away. Friday and Saturday, we went willingly, thrifting and eating out in two different towns (Chinese Friday and Pizza Hut Saturday). Sunday, we didn’t really go do any shopping, but we did go return a movie to Redbox, picked up two necessary items, and ate Chinese at our favorite local eatery (we’d found a hidden $20 bill that, in my mind, kinda felt like a present from Daddy where we found it, he was always wanting to help us to go eat out even if he didn’t want to be bothered to do it himself because he knew how much we enjoyed it). Monday, we had to take the car to the shop and pick it up later that afternoon. Tuesday, we weren’t going to go out, but we had to return our other Redbox movie. Which brings us to today -- Wednesday, and I’ll be damned if I’m not thinking about eating Chinese again. I wasn’t even thinking about it honestly until Drew misread a label as “Hunan”, which makes me think a part of her was already thinking about it.

I know we should stay home. We should rest while we can, and there’s so much we wanted to get done that requires being at home to do. I had one morning where I managed to answer 25 E-mails and haven’t been back on them since, and I haven’t even touched transferring the files from the old computers! Plus we want to enjoy our time with our babies, and we are -- but it’s not like they’re paying us any attention right now. They’re practically all passed out (asleep) or outside, except for Patrick, who’s prowling the floor, impatiently waiting for me to get up and go let him out again!

Is it bad that we eat out so much? Are we addicted? Is it bad we’re always running? A part of me thinks that I feel like running. Last vacation, we spent going here, there, and everywhere, because we didn’t want to be home. It feels so empty without Daddy here. But this past couple of days, we’ve really did some talking and bonding, and I’ve come to recognize that Daddy’s not going to be here and he really is in a better place. I miss him like mad, but I wouldn’t take the happiness he now has from him for anything!

Last year, Drew was sick on Halloween. I had seriously thought about doing a seance but didn’t want to risk doing something like that when she was so sick. I still woke up at midnight on Halloween night and really thought about going down to the old house where Daddy used to love to hang out and seeing if his ghost was there -- but I was scared it wouldn’t be. Last night, I remembered that, but I realized that I didn’t even want to try going down there or raising his ghost for an entirely different reason: He’s happy. He’s finally happy. He never was in life. Maybe I had something to do with that; maybe I don’t. (I have some major guilt issues there.)

Regardless, he was never happy, but he IS now. I can’t want to take that from him!! There were two things I tried to do the entire time he was a part of my life: I tried to make him stop drinking because I knew he would one day kill himself with that blasted alcohol (which is also the reason why I don’t touch the stuff and have very little tolerance for those who indulge too much), and I tried to make him happy. I couldn’t succeed at either one. But now he IS happy!!!! I’ll be damned if I ever take that from him too!

But all in all, Halloween has been good to us this year. The babies really enjoyed their cans and kitty treats last night, and we even finally read a book to them (I highly recommend the new Five Black Cats for those of you who have babies you read too) again after all this time. I will never have human children (or want the buggers, for that matter), but I really do get why so many parents make their holidays all about their children’s happiness -- because that really is the best thing about any holiday!!

I’ve also recently had the thought that part of the reason why humans procreate so much is because we’re always looking for another soul with whom to share our delights. We’re always looking for that expanded family, for those other loved ones, just like so many of my favorite fandoms where complete strangers come together and become a family for any number of reasons, albeit often to save the world or band together as the only “freaks” of their kind against the rest of the world. But we’re never have that. It’s always going to be just Drew, me, and the babies. And I’m okay with that. I finally am, really. I’ll always miss Dad. I’ll always love him. But it’s past time for me to let him have the happiness he so richly deserves. And I could always be a lot worse off. At least I’ve got wonderful children and the best person in the world with whom, for me, to spend the rest of this time amongst the living! I am blessed, not cursed!!

And of course, I’m blessed to have y’all in my life, too, even if we can’t bond and hang out like I wish we could!! Love you all!!! I know today starts a new year for many, and for the rest of us, the new year is coming soon. May it be a wonderful one for you all filled with all the best of life -- and the little things truly are the best! Hug your loved ones and know you’re lucky to have each other -- and I’m lucky to have you all too!! Love you all!!! Hugs to one and all, and have a blessed, happy All Hallow’s/Saint’s Day!!

WWWWWWWWWAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!! =( Our vacation is over!! I go back to work tomorrow! There was so much more we wanted to do that didn't get done, but we did have a lot of fun, a lot of important and much needed bonding time, and got some work done too! It's really been a blessed week all in all, very enjoyable. We even got a few rounds of cards in today, and the kids have enjoyed their Halloween pressies, though, as usual, nothing more than their cans and treats. And all along I have been helped (if y'all ain't figured it out yet, Halloween can be a moody time for me now) by so many of y'all, especially milly_gal, hughville, and kattrip033 and the wonderful postings at spn_on_parade (I am SO going to find a way to join the mini fun!), my friends, my extended family, the loved ones who are with me in heart even if not in body. Love you all!!!!!! Again, a happy late Halloween and blessed days for all tomorrow and always!!! **HUGS**

And at least I do have a good team, a second family for most of us, to go back to tomorrow. If it's anything like last year, they'll be screaming my name with relief when they see me! I know one already can't wait; I talked to Mel briefly today when I called to get my schedule.

Love y'all!

It was a good first day back! Mikey, our head maintenance man, was there when I got there and literally threw his arms open wide and yelled my name! =) Even the two girls who work most of our graveyards were thrilled to see me, and they're about my least favorite people on the staff. My manager and deli manager were both excited I was back, and poor Mel, I think, could've just about wept with relief. She gets so frustrated with some of the ones who have been there, like myself, since the previous manager but who refuse to let go of some of her ways, making it harder for those of us who stick with Mrs. O's ways. (milly_gal, I shared your recent work story with her, and she was thrilled to know we've been kinda comparing managers and praising y'all. :))

All in all, it was a really easy day back, and I came away again today feeling blessed to have actual friends at my workplace. Seriously, if it wasn't for my socializing at work, I would do zip socializing -- well, unless you count the Chinese place we eat at. The girls there love us too! (It doesn't hurt that I've picked up my Daddy's old way of tipping ever since having a blonde moment -- I was born blonde so I can say this freely without the prejudice even though I've been a brunette ever since we cut my hair short the first time) and forgetting to add a tip on my ticket. People tend to remember those who tip them with "gold" dollars and $2 bills.)

And then when I got home, little Merly met me at the car. The dogs actually barked, because I had to come in a different way than usual because of how Drew's parked and then went to wagging like crazy when they realized it was me. Several of the babies came right on in with me, and several others met me at the door. I swear Patrick must've did something: The screen door wouldn't open when I first got home. I thought was locked. He hit the door, and suddenly it would open. When I finally sat down, King Jackeesy came RUNNING for my lap! And nobody but Lexie, Little Miss Wild Thing, gave me trouble about coming in.

Yeah, definitely a good first day back! :) I wish Drew's first day back could go half as well as mine has, but although she has several customers she enjoying interacting with, there's nobody left on her team that she likes, sadly.

On the fandom front, I'm really enjoying putting together my new cartoon, The Rain Forest Way Of Life. I'll try to remember to leave a link here when I update it tomorrow with the info on the main characters.

I am beyond exhausted today, barely able to make coherent words. It's only my second day back, but I had to do the order this morning and front the entire store. Then our oldest employee, a woman who could have been my deceased grandmother's (the bad one) identical twin, was stuck by herself alone in the deli during the busiest time, from 11 to 1! So I was, of course, back and forth, between cashier and deli, trying my best to help both my dear friends make it through the rest of our shift. And I'm sure it doesn't help that I seem to be coming down with some kind of an ear infection or something, given that the pressure in my right ear is getting steadily worse.

I was very upset that Jamie managed to slip out on me after I got home this afternoon. He's only recently started going out again (he doesn't like being out when it's too hot), and I figured for sure he wouldn't come in before bedtime. But my boy actually did! =) We've got everybody in now except for Mister Wild Cabbit, who I'll call again before we actually lay down.

People say stupid things, but we can all be stupid. I wasn't even going to pay any attention to the poor excuse of a joke Jared made recently or the controversy surrounding it. But then I learned that Jensen made some kind of joke about killing cats, and y'all know how I love my kids. And that my Kat O'Hara explodes people as I would love to be able to do myself.

Needless to say, I found myself considering getting the heck away from SPN, but I can't do it. Even if it wasn't for the love of the characters themselves, with this fandom and this fandom only, it's also the love of the other fandom members. Yeah, I'm not going anywhere! The boys just need to learn to choose their cracks more carefully before they do get a visit from O'Hara!

Hope y'all are having good weekends wherever you are in this maddening world! Love y'all! *HUGS*

Oh, and here's the link I promised y'all yesterday: The Rainforest Way of Life.


Copy/paste from a Facebook post I just did...

About a week ago, I lost a good friend to cancer. Now I just find out this morning that someone who always brightened my days during the short time she was in my life caved to those awful, awful dark thoughts almost everyone has experienced at least once in their lives. We've lost so many bright souls, and we just keep losing.

Depression, suicide, mental illness, it's all real, and they are some of the Devil's greatest tools. They are just as much a sickness that cannot be helped as cancer or AIDS or any other number of terrible diseases. Only these cannot be seen. They cannot be felt unless the person who is experiencing them is brave enough to speak up, knows they are loved enough that they will not be condemned for these horrid thoughts against which they feel so powerless.

I'll never believe that those who take their own lives are headed for Hell. If they're sick, if they're not in their right mind when they do these terrible things, I fully believe, and always will, that God welcomes them into His arms just as welcomes all His children when our time on this world is over.
At least she's happy now. </3>

Yesterday I was too tired to be able to write anything by the time I got home, including my little journal entry. I’ve been extra tired lately and been trying to figure out why. I’ve considered that it may be my normal time of the month minus that awful thing that requires a woman to spend extra money to take care of herself, which, thank God, I no longer have an issue with thanks to my depo provera shot. I’ve considered that maybe it has something to do with having been off and now back at work, with a full week and having to act in the role of manager as the Assistant Manager is on vacation this week. I’ve even thought of maybe the time change for which I had had such high hopes would give me an extra hour of writing instead of the extra hour and a half I spent in bed that morning.

But I think what it really boils down to is depression. As I mentioned in my last entry, we’ve lost yet another bright soul to the darkness of suicide. This girl makes the eighth life that has touched mine and yet ended that way. And this is excluding Daddy’s drinking himself to death. But Halloween is a hard time as I used to believe so strongly in ghosts visiting their living family members during that time and have yet to see him and his birthday (November 21) is rapidly approaching. So, yeah, I’m willing to bet it’s the old depression kicking in again.

That’s also probably the reason why I’m having such trouble getting any words out. My brain is empty except that it keeps circling around Cheyenne and the others who have ended their lives this way. So many of them, including her, I would have never guessed suffered so deeply from the darkness, but I’ve began to think that everybody, at one time or another in their lives, has been touched by it.

I know one of the most composed women I know, a dear friend with whom I work with, the one, [Bad username: Hughville], who I said I was going to give your number to should anything ever happen to us, the one who consistently reminds me of my Great Aunt Georgia and there is no greater compliment I can give any Christian lady, has even been touched by it. She barely made it through her time, but now to watch her, if you didn’t know her as well as I’ve come to know and love her, you’d never guess she was touched by darkness. She still has her moments, but it’s much easier now that she’s been able to come to terms with her mother’s death and her disastrous first marriage.

So yeah, probably the lack of thoughts and the exhaustion is all due to depression. But today is supposed to be my good writing day, damn it, and I’ve only written 120 words over the last . . . well, since I’ve been back to work! I am going to cut through this writer’s block though!! I am reminded of the sword pen [Bad username: Milly_Gal] created for Inktober last month. I am going to cut through this block and get some words! It may be crap, but at least it will be words!!! And that’s something, right? Better crap than no words at all? :)

Best of luck to you all, my dears, with your writing, with your creations, with your darkness and your good moments too! Best of luck in all you do! Love you all! *HUGS*
And, remember, if ever you feel that nasty, old darkness calling, most of us have felt that way at one time or another, and I, and I know several others here on LJ, am always ready to help talk you out of the nasty moments. <3

Also, on the word front, I’ve been up since 2:30 this morning. It’s now 5:12, and this is the first thing I’ve written.

I woke up this morning finally no longer feeling tired -- after sleeping for ten hours! I don't know what's got me so tired. I'm still having some trouble with my ears (I'm beginning to think it may be some kind of an allergy effect now that I'm taking sinus pills for my asthma since the fire at work). But I still really, really shouldn't be as tired as I've been being. Even the apple cider vinegar is only helping a little.

Yesterday, when I went to greet Drew when she got home, I found out that most of the plugs in the kitchen and living room had gone out, so we had to have the electrician back out. It could have been a lot worse, but he got it fixed for us today.

Still having some issues with the car, but we found out that both Ray, Drew's adopted brother, and the electrician know how to work on vehicles! So hopefully that means no more big shop repair bills for us for a long time to come!

I've had several opportunities to try to write out today, but I just can't seem to get the words to come. My brain's empty. I do NOT like that. :( But the girls at 1_million_words, especially asphaltcowgrrl and kaige68, made me feel a lot better about getting in what writing I did do this weekend. I can only hope that I get back to normal soon.

I did get fifty E-mails taken care of today, but I've got another 200 to go. I know my baby's a little frustrated right now, because I can't really focus on the TV. Usually I can do TV, computer, and more at one time, but not right now for some reason. We'd watched about half a disc of Liberty's Kids before I finally admitted to her I had no idea what was going on!

Hope you all are doing better with your own various problems and health issues! Know that I love you all and send big, warm **HUGS** to you all!!

I am feeling better than I have in DAYS! This is my first shift since the day after I went back to work where I don't feel bone tired after getting off and could actually still go for a couple more hours, although bedtime is practically here. We've been having a heat spell, and I love that's it's cool, nearly cold, again. However, I can't help but to wonder what the cause of my exhaustion these last several days have been. Whatever it is, I am glad and thankful to be feeling better.

And perhaps now I can address a concern many of us are having. I know my answer is going to sound sappy, but I mean every word of it. dancingdragon3 raised several good points which we're all feeling here in the States, and I really wanted to comment on her post at that time, right after the Texas shooting but didn't feel up to it. To say things here in America are a mess is a HUGE understatement. Every time I think about what's sitting in our White House right now, I can't help but wonder how on Earth we ever voted him in there. Actually, I believe WE didn't. I believe, if the truth were known, our justice system was screwed with, and one of the countries that will certainly be a major player in WW3, when it happens, had a massive hand in getting Frump where he is. I know there are people who voted for him, but I really don't believe that he would have won by such a huge victory, or won at all for that matter!

But how we get through it is how we get through every major battle in our lives, and the good times too. Those of us who suffer with mental illnesses know what I'm talking about too much. We get through it by remembering that we are loved and focusing on the areas where we feel that love, on the people who make us feel it. I remember after my Daddy died, every night was a huge temptation to just step out in front of a transfer truck where I work at, but there were two people who kept me from doing it. Two people who, time and again, talked me down and got me through my nights. One is almost a frenemy now, rather than a dear friend, and the other has moved on with her life, for better or worse (I'm afraid I know the answer to that, but it's not my place to call her on the mistake until she needs my help and is ready to accept it), but at the time, I felt their love and I held to them.

And not just them, but to others in my life at the time. My boss, my work partner, and my deli manager have become three of the dearest friends I have ever known and consistently give me reasons to look on the brighter side of my life -- and that is damn hard to find sometimes. Mrs. O right now is having major problems with her diabetes (if y'all can pray for her, it would be appreciated). JoJo, the deli manager, is going through another divorce with a bastard she never should have taken back. I kinda feel like I should've stopped her from taking him back, but the simple fact is I couldn't. Like with the other person I mentioned above, she had to be ready to come away from him. In helping them today I managed to forget my own sorrow. Each reminded me of how important I am to them.

The last time I felt the urge to take my own life, I thought of those three people and of hughville, and I pulled through again. I told the Devil Hell no!, I wasn't going, not yet, and left my meds where they belong. I thought of kattrip033 shortly thereafter. milly_gal and I weren't close at that time, but there isn't a day I don't think of her now -- or of the others mentioned here, or of asphaltcowgrrl, erinm_4600, and bizarra. evil_little_dog, kiramaru7, vexedwench, and killing_kurare often make this list too, though I go many days without actually speaking to them. And there are others, too, I could name, such as, but certainly not limited to, madampresident, feliciacraft, kaige68, thesmallhobbit, candream, agdhani, . . .

My point is: Look around you, not necessarily at your RL but right here on LJ, on DW, on the other fic sites. I guarantee, like myself, you have an Internet family, a real family, a CHOSEN family which makes our love all that much more grand! It isn't forced. It's chosen. We've chosen each other, and if in your dark times, you'll think of those you love and who you know love you as well, I promise you will find those dark times easier to survive and those devils far easier to beat.

It's just like in many of our favorite shows. I'll use Supernatural for an example. Dean wouldn't make it through most of the crap he survives on his own. Neither would Sam or Castiel. But when they remember that it isn't just their life, when it's not just them pulling to survive and fight on to another day, it's the other two too, they're almost certain to win.

Or, like on the Golden Girls, when Blanche is terrified of the operation she has to undergo, Rose, Sophia, and of course Dorothy are there for her. Rose starts them singing a song that her mother used to sing to her that helped her in scary, war times. Our lives these days are an ongoing war, especially those of us who constantly fight the darkness. The other three Girls are hanging out of the waiting room, singing "Over There" to Blanche as she is wheeled away, reminding her that they are waiting for her, that they are there for her, and that she'd better come back home to them.

It's true what they say: Home isn't a place. It's a person. And the best family are those who we choose for ourselves and who choose us in return. We are all waiting for each other, waiting to see that new post, waiting to read that new story, to enjoy that new art or vid, and always there, even if we may not always say something or have the words we want/need to describe how we feel for one another or to offer that sage advice we wish we could give the person so dearly in need of it, to help, to come back to, simply to be there for each other.

So yeah, maybe we can't physically hold hands, but we're still holding hands nonetheless. We will get through this together, heart tied to heart, not just America but the whole freaking world because we are all in need and we are all fighting this never-ending war. We will make it TOGETHER, and that really is, in the end, the only way to make anything good. ***HUGE HUGS***

Been a long and tiring day, but at least I am steadily feeling more like myself. I did a little rearranging with my time in the mornings, taking writing time right after my bath and doing the babies' medications and food before instead of in between the shower and writing, and got 1700 words at that time. Did the rest of what I needed to do to get ready for the day and got about another 300 more. Not as much as I would've liked, given I had time where I wasn't doing much of anything, but I did get 2k, got everything I needed doing, including their toothpaste, and have been going steadily since 1 o'clock this morning despite not quite getting into bed when I needed to yesterday.

Finally started working on a David Bowie project this evening. It's a sorrowful affair but something I need doing, and I've got a challenge that makes him the perfect candidate. I just still miss him so much and want to despair every time I think of him being gone. He passed the January after my Father passed in September 2015, and Daddy's birthday comes up in another 11 days.

Strange how our dreams play with us. I often dream of relationships that are far better than the ones I actually had with my Father, last night being a prime example, and it just makes me miss him more. But as I constantly tell others I know have lost loved ones, we just have to keep going, because when we get to the other side, as long as we've done right, we will get to be with those we love again. It's only a matter of time.

And I'm actually in a fairly good mood today. Just tired now and ready for my bed -- bedtime's in another five minutes. I'm not going to make it on time. Love y'all! *HUGS*

I have been awake since 12:30 this morning. There is much I want to say, but I simply don't have the words right now. My brain is mush. Actually, mush would probably make more sense. I'm just trying to hold on 'til I can do Drew's bandage and then crash. Maybe I can do to the post I mean to do today in the morning. *fingers crossed* Y'all be safe!! *HUGS*

So, I believe I forgot to mention this past Tuesday, that when we came home from eating lunch at our favorite Chinese restaurant, as we try to do every weekend, there was a truck parked across the road from our home. Now bear in mind, where we live at, there’s a church, three empty lots, a neighbor who’s never home, and two other neighbors all the way on the other end of the “block”. I was driving, and I noticed there was a guy ducked down inside the truck cab and one outside the truck who seemed to have been working on the truck.

No sooner did we pull up than the guy outside the truck started coming our way. Both our dogs, which is highly unusual as Abigail always tries to let others do her fighting for her, including having let her best friend, a black tom we were blessed to have for 15 years, fight her battle against a stray Pit Bull when we first moved back in (and Sammo sent that dog packing!), charged after him. They were urgent in their mannerisms and bark too, not just one of those “Hey! What the heck are you doing here?” reactions but definite “STAY THE F--- AWAY FROM OUR HUMANS!” warnings.

He paused, asked if they’d bite. I said they might, because by this time, my alarm bells were ringing major too. He went back to his truck, and not five minutes later, probably not even a whole three minutes later, he, the other dude, and the truck were gone. Now y’all tell me. If that vehicle was really down, how in the heck did he get it moving so fast?! Thank God I used my brain!!!

Well, there definitely seems to be something big going on even around here nowadays. Come to find out yesterday afternoon, a girl was almost taken out of the Subway across the street from where I work, but yesterday MORNING was when we had the crap hit the fan. I walk into work and am immediately met with one of our new girls practically begging me to not even go clock in, to stay right there with her. Seems she’s been being harrassed by a guy who, I eventually learned, had been there ALL FREAKING NIGHT!

He’d started out making a comment about how thick she was and how he’d like to take her home. She should’ve stopped him right then and there, but these kids are so scared of standing up for themselves. Then he brought her a single cookie, asking her to try it. She acted like she was going to but, thank God, threw it away the moment he turned his back. By this time, I would’ve DONE been called the cops!

When he came yet again, he remarked that he’d like to turn her into a seat cover for his cab! Now I don’t know about y’all, and I know the girls, except for Mel, thought I was kidding, but I’ve seen recent articles concerning cannibalism both in Russia and right here in the States. And we all know, unfortunately, there are those sickos who steal dead bodies and do unspeakable things to them and who rape women, kill them, and then rape them again.

But the thing is, I thought he was gone! Because when I’d come back from clocking out, she was okay. I also had no idea at the time that he’d been there all night! We had issues with a new girl, who ended up walking out despite our best efforts to get her to stay, and after dealing with all of that, Mel and I had a deli customer who reported that he’d been being harrassed in the parking lot by this guy asking him and other customers for money. Mel mentioned she’d seen him too, coming up out of the bushes when she’d pulled in. I went to the office and called the cops, my alarm bells going off again. (Normally I would’ve waited to have found the dude myself and warned him to stop harrassing our customers before making the call.) It was only AFTER I had hung up that B, who had been there the whole night and was waiting on our deli manager to come in, asked me, “You know that’s the same guy, right?”

I looked at her. “NO! I didn’t know that was the same guy! Why didn’t you tell me when I was on the phone to the cops?!”

Jo came in about that time, and the three of us proceeded to try to find the guy, along with a customer, bless his heart, who had a gun and offered to stay with us while we were waiting for the cops. We never found him. It took at least 45 minutes for the cop to show up, and when he did, it was the kid! Take that gun away from that boy, and he’d be nothing but a shivering, crying mess!

The really scary thing about all this is that the guy in question is a regular customer, one we all would have trusted at one time! Mel and I are increasingly beginning to think you can’t trust any of these people and they’re all perverts in disguise.

On another note, a very dear friend of mine has a mother who very much needs y’all’s prayers. Please pray for them -- and for each other too, and have wonderful, SAFE days!! ***HUGS*** Love y’all!

Sorry I didn't manage to make a post yesterday. My brain had already turned to mush and was operating solely physically by the time I remembered I hadn't done my entry here yet. I had just enough sense left to either make the entry or answer E-mail, and that E-mail was from a friend who very much needs me right now so, of course, it won out. I'm going to continue to ask y'all to pray for that and her mother.

And to pray for Drew. Not only do her feet continue to give her heck, but now she's having another flare up of TMJ.

Saturday, when all the mess was going down because of the trucker who threatened to turn one of our girls into a seat cover, I had a talk with one of my favorite vendors, our Coke man who comes to stock their product on Saturday. I think he's really got a good idea, but it's something that most churches will probably shy away from. He's already trained and has gotten his pistol permit. He's training his wife and pastor as well and even buying the pastor a pistol with the understanding that should such terrible people come into their home church as came into that poor place in Texas, the pastor will reach for his gun. My guy will, upon seeing the pastor's movement, take his own gun, slip underneath the pews, and go to the back of the church. That will catch the bad guys between them and hopefully considerable shorten the amount of deaths of the good people. He's even working on getting the Sheriff and other local churches involved. As I warned him, though, of course, he wants to make certain that the other churches are the right kind of people. Too many of God's people aren't His people and will use this and anything else they possibly can to their advantage and to do more wrong instead of good. He agreed with me, so hopefully he'll choose the right folks.

This is yet another reason, though, why I really don't need to even try to get involved with any of the churches around here.

Although now I'm wondering where he goes to church at . . .

Been up since 2, been writing off and on since about 4, but I seem to be about written out -- after 8,624 words!!! It's about time I had a good writing day again!!

Hoping y'all all the best in all you do! *HUGS*

Been going all day, and with a headache all day up until a few minutes ago when I found a kink in my neck. Just a little bit of rubbing seems to have helped, but I'm still not flying any kites. The morning was spent giving the kids their flea meds, the evening taking Drew to the dentist. Turns out the TMJ attack was over but she was still hurting. She's got a hole in the back of her mouth and two teeth in the front that need filling. She was too swelled for him to work on her today, so she's going again Tuesday morning after she works out.

Thank God my friend and her mother are both doing better! I really wanted to get caught up on some of y'all's E-mails. I know it doesn't seem like it, but I do! I just really, REALLY don't have the brain power for any coherent replies right now. :( I promise to try again to get my 50 E-mails next week! And please know that just because I don't answer in a timely fashion doesn't mean I don't read them or that I don't care. I love you all! ***BIG HUGS ALL AROUND***

Good first day back, although I'll be damned if I'll ever understand why so many women go so easily nutsoid over human kids. :P But, as I always say, each to their own.

Actually managed to get some work done this afternoon. I've got a certain amount of progress I want to make each weekend on the tasks facing me in order to get them all finished by year's end. I was working on the library when I heard this pitiful mew, turned 'round, and there was Meme hanging by one claw in the window! Thankfully, I was right there at him and had to only take one step in order to grab him. *shakes head* Leave it to my boys to get themselves hung up like that!

My poor Drew is extremely nauseous and has already thrown up once with the meds the dentist has her on. He swore up and down she'd get used to it, and she believed him despite knowing how low her tolerance for medication is. This is a woman who's put to sleep by DAYQUIL! But at least now she's agreeing with me that she needs to leave the one pill alone. The other is Keflex, and she's never had a problem with it.

Had a stray dog show up in the yard today, or at least he seems to be a stray. He was starving, even scarfed down the food Abigail insists on dumping on the ground. And, miracle of miracles, he's not only not bothering the cats at all but now that Xena's got him to play with and hold up to her, she's not even trying to play chase them either! I was really beginning to get worried about having to take her off yesterday. I really hate that we had to take Sasha to the pound, but the kids have to come first!

Now to TRY for my 50 E-mails! Hope y'all are all having blessed days! *HUGS*

Ended up having to stay late at work today because one of our new ones got in a wreck on the way in. She's okay, the car's not, but the most important thing is that she and her passanger are okay. However, her stupid husband doesn't see that! I swear, so many of these men, if I could just have five seconds alone with them!!! Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr..............

Brain dead. Night night!

So yesterday, very shortly after arriving at work, I find out crap has yet again hit the proverbial fan. I swear these people are getting increasingly stupid and increasingly bold!!! A couple nights ago, there was a creep (who’s a regular customer who I would know by face, I’m sure, if I saw him but otherwise can’t place him) who was sitting in our deli, tossing pennies at our assistant manager and somehow managing to get them to fall underneath her work shirt. One missed, and she tossed it back at him -- and managed to hit him in the eye. (Good going!) You’d think this would be enough to get the bastich to leave her alone. No. He took the opportunity yesterday, while she was outside in the storage shed right behind the store, in BROAD DAYLIGHT to grab the milk cartons we keep out back and use them to shut the door and lock her inside the shed!! As I said so many times yesterday, thank God he didn’t try to lock himself in there with her instead, but STILL!!! This should be immediate banning from the store for this creep. Instead our Assistant Manager’s afraid her job could be jeopardized because she hit him in the eye with that penny! I’d say any good lawyer would take the case should that happen, and having met the owner on several occasions, I don’t think that’s a problem, but in this crazed world, you just don’t know any more.

Then, as I mentioned last night, I was late coming home because the girl who was supposed to relieve me got in a wreck. Her brakes went out. The car wouldn’t stop. The most important thing bottom line is that she and her passenger, one of our guys in the deli, weren’t hurt!!! Instead her stupid husband wants to get pissed at her because the car’s front bumper is bent!! I swear, so many of these guys if I could have just a little time alone with them!!!!

When I was telling Drew about what had happened with our AM and that guy, she could tell I was fuming. She told me to just calm down and let Faith out IF he comes back in. As I told her, I’m not just feeling Faith and Mystique and all my bitches; I’m feeling Spike too. I swear when I get that pissed, I can literally feel like there’s fangs in my mouth just waiting to bite the idiot making me pissed!!!

These guys are going to have to be put in their place, and sooner or later, I’m going to get the opportunity to do it. I just hope I don’t unleash my bitches to the point that I get dismissed. But they have got to be stopped before they go too far!!!

And this isn’t even taking into consideration the usual idiots we have who get pissed that the pumps are prepay or even try to call inside to get us to turn them on. *rolls eyes* I mean, honestly, WHERE is not prepay these days?! And then there was one old dude who got pissed that I declined his rolled quarters. I had nowhere in my drawer to put that many loose quarters, and we not allowed to take rolled change. But supposedly, he’s going to go tell the owner that I declined to take them from him (which he still got his gas -- he had plenty of $20s). Go ahead, bucko; I’m just going my job!!

*shakes head* Sorry, guys, just needed to vent a little before going back in this morning and ordering/fronting for the whole store!!

Oh, and who do y'all think would win between a no-holds barred fight between Spike and Faith? Drew and I agree it would be hard to pick a winner on that one!

Hope you all have much better days today than I did yesterday!! *HUGS*

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Nov. 2nd, 2017 07:36 am (UTC)
It's really good to hear from you hun, to hear about your life and what's going through your mind ♥♥ And never say never to one day sitting and enjoying a coffee and a chat with your fandom flisties, stranger things have happened xx
Nov. 2nd, 2017 07:21 pm (UTC)
Oh, it's definitely going to happen one day!! I just don't see myself ever moving again so living close enough to any of y'all to be able to hang out on a regular basis is unfortunately out, and I can't leave the babies so going abroad is also out (which means no seeing you :(). However, Drew and I fully plan on buying a bus one of these days, remaking it, and hitting the road with each other and all our babies to go see my dear hughville, her momma, and dear kattrip033 as well! I'd love to include more folks during those journeys, especially bizarra and erinm_4600, but we'll see!
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