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What can I say about Buffy that hasn't already been said somewhere? Probably nothing, to be honest, but I'm still going to put in my five cents on this wonderful series finally. It's kind of funny, really, that this show should end up on my list of top five favorite series of all time. You see, when Drew and I first heard about it, we were stoked. We had loved the movie and figured we'd love the show, but after the third season, we never tuned in on a regular basis -- until we picked up some old VHSes from a Goodwill and ended up rewatching the entire series and loving every minute!

I used to hate Buffy -- the character, not the show. I mean, really, really hate her. I made her a whore in Love on the High Seas and enjoyed killing her off and showing that Spike could never love her at every opportunity I got. I even gave Spike an original female character with whom to pair up, because none of the other characters seemed good enough for him. Since coming back to the show, I've paired him with Faith, Xander, and Giles and absolutely love him with Buffy. Their romance is so tragic, so poignant, and yet also so powerful.

She didn't hate him. She did use him some, and she certainly blinded him. He tried to rape her, but in the only story I'll ever be able to look at a potential rapist and be okay with his actions (if only marginally), he never stopped loving her. He removed himself from her. He could have kept going after her, could have possibly raped her, but he didn't not because she was fighting him and could have staked him but because he realized what he was doing to the woman who he really did love. And she loved him, too, as much as she ever could love any one.

That causes me to recall a discussion my love and I had while rewatching the show. There are several points throughout the series where it talks about the Slayer having to be alone. There are many times that Buffy shows not to love Spike or Angel or Faith or any one romantically. I wonder, perhaps, if there was something in the making of the Slayer that kept her from being able to truly love some one? And if there was, when all the potentials were called, might that have freed her? Could she have finally loved some one, and if so, whom?

We all know SMG wants it to be Angel (kind of having a feeling that she and David did and perhaps even still do have something going on but that shouldn't affect their characters, says the girl who's always been known to find a way to pair up a RP character with the character her own lover's playing, but I digress). As for myself, I can see Buffy with almost any one. She goes fabulously with Willow or Faith. I can see the whole Angel/Buffy thing, although I by far prefer him with Cordelia. But my own favorites will forever be Spike and Giles -- just don't ask me to choose, okay? I enjoy penning both romances equally well from the guy's POV. I'm not sure who the best partner for Buffy herself would be, though. But that's one of the many, countless wonderful things about fan fic: we can have zillions of fics each in their own little world and happily pair Buffy up with whomever we please!

The funny thing about Buffy is, now that I've seen the whole series, I don't hate the main character, but she also doesn't do much to appeal to me on her own basis. I love this show for the characters around the heroine while the heroine herself is one of my least favorites. Don't get me wrong: She's higher than Wood and most of the villains and guest characters (although not Kendra or Kennedy and certainly not Faith or Spike), but on the list of main characters, she's way, way down there.

I know it's been said before, but this is a show that has something to offer to every one. It has strong women for girls to want to be like and excellent role models for the guys, as well. Spike is so cool (so much more so than Angel). He's bad and dangerous and wicked and yet chose to save the world long before he got a soul. It's true that he didn't exactly go searching for a soul, but he also wasn't cursed with one like Angel was and was trying to be good long before he was ensouled. And yet, Buffy could never look at him as a hero on his own terms, always compared him to Angel, and apparently always found him lacking. Bad Buffy; stupid girl! Spike was the best thing that ever hit that show.

But Giles and Willow and Faith and even Xander and Anya were also great. Those latter two are another pair that it took me a long time to warm up to, but by the end, I was sorry to see Anya go and actually loved and felt for Xander, though not as much as I did for Giles and Spike. That boy was the only complete human amongst them, and yet, he endured so much to stand by his friends and do was right. One of my favorite moments will always be when he simply talks Willow down from destroying the world. That says so much about his character, about this guy who was more of a hero than the ones around him who had powers and yet had none of his own, this man who lost an eye trying to protect his friends! For a simple carpenter, he was one Hell of a man. (But then, you know Jesus was a carpenter too.)

I loved Giles from the beginning, but they never did delve deep enough into him for us. I always wanted to see more of him, to see more of his darkness, explore more of how he became the Watcher we knew and loved him as. I wanted more of him, more of Faith, more of Spike. The show ended far too early, and I still think it's one of the greatest shames in all of TV history that the cast thought they could do no more.

There are still rumors floating around about Joss bringing them back to the series. We know SMG isn't up for it -- she thinks she's too old --, but I would LOVE to see it happen! I know I'm not the only one who would readily tune in for a show about Spike or Willow or Giles or so many of the other side characters, a show set in the same universe as this first one we all loved even if Sarah never showed. She's proud of her work, I know, but how she can not want to go back is beyond me!

Even if we never get another series on the actual air, however, I know this show will never die. It's already been near to a decade after it ended, but decades and decades from now, there will still be Buffy fic to be found, artwork to be viewed, and DVDs still powerful enough to hit members of a new generation.

I still find it, funny, though, how Buffy and Angel swapped up on me. I loved Angel up until they destroyed Cordelia's character, but upon rewatching, never could get back into Poof!boy. I honestly wouldn't mind starting to rewatch the Buffy series again even now, though it was less than a year that we first saw it in all its absolute, magnificent glory.





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